Tuesday, February 9, 2010

[][]Trap[][] Chromatic Skins

chromatic 1
I haven't posted in a while I know, and I could go off on some random story about how this is going on RL or that is happening or I've doing whatever, but really, I should probably just go straight into these skins.

I say this a lot about Selos Dae's skins: Skin as Art. Look through the posts, it's all there. Skin as art, skin as art. It's like a mantra, it's definitely a theme, and it's absolutely true. Skin. Art. Selos is an artist who makes skins. Oh, he makes lots of other stuff too, I mean, all really well made, but his skins are always so magical, so dramatic. Absolutely some of my favorites in Second Life.

So maybe these aren't skins for you models out there. No, these are for your sorcerors and sorceresses, witches and warlocks, ghosts, fae vampires... these are skins for you goths twirling under pixelated disco lights to your fave dark techno beat.
chromatic 2
The latest? Ohhh, they're called Chromatic, and they're just lovely.

GO... you children of the night! LOVE THEM!

And that hair? dontcha love it too? It's from Nikita Fride Design, my new secret addiction... it's called Goth (ahhhh see the theme?).


Nikita Fride Design