Tuesday, November 2, 2010

.::Silenced::. is Golden


So, I spend my time in Second Life a couple different ways... There's a lot of exploring. There's a lot of getting into trouble too but that's a story for a different blog maybe. I have a bad habit of keeping pretty much every notecard, LM or spam I get when I arrive someplace so my inventory is a horrible hot mess. Totally disorganized.

So, sometimes I'll just start clicking through my landmark folder and look for something interesting. Somehow along the way I landed at .::Silenced::..


Loved it... really, and so happy to meet designer Silent Acoustic. I have a LOT to show you from this cool little boutique but just a teaser for today.

It's the textures... I mean, you know me, I LOVE looking at a nicely textured bit of clothing... cuts, styling and whatever is OF COURSE important, but a good outfit can be ruined by a boring fabric. Tattoos, skins, casual, undies... it's all there... it looks like she even does some custom photography.

For today's look I'm wearing the Sport Tank in pink, but there's more colors to choose from and I LOVE the Playboy panties... REALLY cute and lots of colors there too.


The Wonderland tattoo is really really gorgeous... available for now at least on jacket, shirt and tshirt layers, Silent promises some new tattoo layer updates are on the way! There is a little bit of a seam along the backs of the arms but I don't think it distracts from this really gorgeous work.

If you've never been, DEFINITELY check out Silenced... I can't wait to see what's next



PLayboy Panties Aqua
Sports Tank Pink
Wonderland Tattoo

Beautiful Dirty Rich

Zoe Platinum

Den Dou

Heidi Skin Champagne Rose

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Pinkie Sk...errr... I mean Insanya! Oh! and I learned a new word!


I love My Pinkie Skull... awesome textures, the cutest clubwear and all from the busy brain of Tatyana Ultsch.

...and this will be my very last post about it.

Nooo, not anything bad, I promise. It's just that !MPS! (the exclamation points make the My Pinkie Skull folders really easy to search for in your inventory, by the way. Awesome.) will now be Insanya.

Me, personally, I can't wait. MPS has been one of my fave go-to places lately for sexy skirts and daring club stuffs. I think it's exciting when a shop makes some changes. I mean, there are places I love, designers who consistently release items that if I don't buy outright I'll at least teleport back every few days to moon over some cute top or awesome boots or whatever. Why would I want them to change?

Because I love it when THEY want to change. The best designers in Second Life are always looking in new directions. It's all about experimentation.

Then, of course we, the fans and consumers, get to enjoy the ride.

So, yah, this is the last My Pinkie Skull post on Purely Visual.

Loving the Criminosa Skirt from MPS (ahem, I looked it up. Criminosa is Portuguese for 'criminal'. So I guess I can say I'm smarter now than I was at the beginning of this post). Resize scripts, really cool little prim parts and pouches along the belt, and a dangerously flirty skirt with dangling strappies for that little rave you want to go to this weekend. Also from MPS is the Ripped Stockings and Socks Set'... lots of options with this one, with 10 I'm pretty sure options mixing up knee socks with nylons with short socks with both with either... whew! I've been abusing the socks set lately just because it's sooo versatile.

Tatyana does tattoos too, that little heart there is from a group gift and NO I won't show you the rest of it. (the arm tattoos are from K&L... I got it on XStreet but the LM for an inworld location doesn't seem to work :-( )

The tshirt is from Primitive Design, a great shop for some nicely textured punk sexy looks and accessories. Primmy socks from SOUP (they're called 'I Love Sneakers' and I love SOUP for it's sheer cuteness.

So here we are... the last post for MPS... I can't wait to see what Insanya has in store for us!

I've left both LMs below, Insanya SHOULD be online today sometime but of course we'll need the servers to cooperate, yes?

Go! Check this out!


My Pinkie Skull (there's a sale there now too but hurry!)

Primitive Design


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DV8 CyberJammer Grrrrl!


oooo check out this badass schmexy new look from DV8. CYBERJAMMER!

It's pretty cool methinks. Roller Derby Girl of the future! Well of COURSE I'm a fan! Even had the chance to party with one or two of some of our own Windy City Rollers ("Skate and let die, but leave a really HOT corpse.")Awesome awesome....

Anyway, enough of that. DV8 designatrix Vasha Martinek just dropped this really hawt look and I'm in love (again). The latexy texture really works, and the colors range from glowy outrageous to more subdued, muted shades. The little skull bellyring and matching belt are pretty cool. There's the really fun shoulder, elbow and kneepads for to protect your sexxy, bruised badass self and then of course there are the skates!

Ohhh yesss, you can get skates for this too! comeplete with skating animation to scoot around the track! All that's missing is a helmet but this is really a cool look from DV8.

On ANOTHER note, how cool is this?! Purely Visual got some press! Totally flattered that Essence of Style included me in their October issues. Even better to be listed with Achariya, Strange Pixels and In Cold Bloods (all of whom are in my faves!).

So, yay! xoxoxo


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Counting Down to Halloween!

Halloween is coming, and this year we get a whole weekend to celebrate it so if you haven't started looking for something in the way of a costume then "shame on you!" I know I'VE started looking.

Of course, if you follow Purely Visual at all, you might be thinking "it's ALWAYS Halloween on this blog!" Ya, kinda. So maybe for October I'll add a little orange to my pictures. Too late for today's tho.

I've been playing with some different looks for Halloween Weekend 2010, and I happened to find this totally AWESOME lace babydoll from SOUP the other day. Mixed with the Dark Jester skin from Nightshade Designs (totally still, STILL one of my favorite skins EVAH!) and the Surreal hair in Angelhair from Bishwear this is a lovely gothic ensemble.

From everything like the lace details in the top to the prim resizable garters... There's a cute prim bow up the front too and what can I say but this is my new favorite piece of lingerie in my inventory.



Nightshade Designs

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Pinkie Skull and Roots.... OH! and I'm back!


Oh it's good to be back blogging again.

Had a little break from Second Life lately... technical difficulties.

I won't dwell. It wasn't THAT bad really. Breaks are good. Actually, I rather prefer the 'true death' of my computer to the horrible, laggy, messy stress fest of watching it slowwwwwwwlllllllyyyyyy slipping away.

It died. A new (used) computer takes it's place. The whole circle of life thing.

ANYWAY... one thing that REALLY bothered me was not being able to get inworld to take photos. Ugh... so much cool newness in SL lately and I wasn't even able to get it to rez. Well, that was before. This is now.

And THIS is some new sexiness from My Pinkie Skull designer Tatyana Ultsch and Roots designer Ruth Quan.

Let's start with !MPS!, yes?

I stumbled on this shop a few months back actually. I think I was looking for some clubwear. I can't remember. Anyway, let's just say I found what I was looking for and then proceeded to snap up just about everything I could. Today we're looking at the 'Not Your Hun' leather mini. Very schmexxy... lovely textures. I really like this skirt; the prim panel and little bows are super easy to adjust and the cut is... ummm... well, very flattering. Tatyana does some really lovely things with her textures, from the super real leather on 'Not Your Hun' to the almost touchable fabric on her 'See Me' tops. It's easy to go nuts on the !MPS! shelves too coz the prices are SOOOO reasonable. Seriously, you can wander the store and just right click and buy at random and you'll find something gorgeously textured and beautifully done without depleting your precious precious $L. Not Your Hun comes in multiple colors (I got one in black and one in pink) and See Me has some choices as far as graphics and neckline options (now I wish I'd taken more pictures... hmm... I'll have to work some of the others into upcoming posts).

Love that skirt with Ruth Quan's '00C10031 Corset', another really nice piece I've collected recently. Ok, admittedly I'm not in love with the name, but whatever, it's totally hot.

Soooo, maybe not something for that 'casual' look you're putting together... but DEFINITELY very sexy and isn't Sweetest Day coming up?

(insert greeting card diatribe here)

Whatever, the point is there's SOMEONE out there who would LOVE to see you in this top. I've visited Roots a few times now and there's always something new and interesting to see. Ruth's textures are definitely unique and her cuts are cute and sexy. I think there's a few things for the boys there too actually.

So, whether it's Sweetest Day or Halloween or whatever your clubbing plan might be for October, you should definitely make time for !My Pinkie Skull! and Roots to put that perfect look together.



!My Pinkie Skull!

See Me Long Shirt 1 Blacks (face print)

Not Your Hun mini skirt Black


00C10031 Corset

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Whither Minx?

The Last Supper

This, THIS is how I feel.

No, not a fashion post... sorrryy all. I have a backlog that I simply MUST get to but there's a secret drama unfolding as we speak involving a dead old computer and a donated lovely but severely inefficient computer that just can't handle SL...

Basically, it's the graphics card at this point... VERY important and unfortunately just a little outside my budget at the moment. Ugh...

Ok, so just a few days out of my budget I guess... the plan is to be back in SL soon at FULL POWER so I can share and enjoy SL with all of you again.

The pic? Oh, just a fun sort of umm... mixed media? Is that what this is? It sounds right anyway. It started with a face shot in SL and ended with a mouthful of fangs I stole from some monstrous deep sea demon I found on google.

LOVE YOU ALL. Readers, designers.. all you SL artists and art lovers... I miss you all but I'll be back soon.

Thanks for waiting.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goth1c0 Dark Wishes

dark wishes2

Love LOVE loving this new outfit from Goth1c0 designer and owner Keishii Roo. I don't know even where to begin... honestly, I'm so totally excited for this I can't even sit still to type! Seriously.

Just, wow, I think the pictures really tell the story, but this new piece of classic gothic sexiness is really lovely. From the amazingly detailed texture satin lace on the bodice and front to the just perfect laces along the back. This is just some lovely work. Available in many lovely colors, the red just spoke to me.

dark wishes

Also, I really have to comment on one of my new fave skin shops, Vive 9, which is unfortunately sort of on hiatus I guess. The skin is called Po, and I'm really REALLY looking forward to Vive 9's upcoming revamp. Watch this one, seriously.

The hair is from Amrita, but I can't seem to find them anywhere in SL anymore...hmmm.

Not much more to say, I'm in love...

Goth1c0 Dark Wishes Corset Dress (red)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DV8 and Powers of Creation


I wanted to come up with some clever title and launch into a witty post about some such topic or whatever. Seriously...

Of course, I know 'clever' is pretty much in the eye of the beholder and 'witty' for me anyway ends up being some random journey through whatever medications I might happen to be on when I'm actually writing.

But I've got nothing to rant about... my head's a blank. Mostly I think because I just don't think I can talk about anything else but this gorgeous newness from SL designers Powers of Creation and DV8.

I love it when a look comes together so easily, and the new Sheer Sin set from poc and +DV8+s Pandora Cyberfall hairs just worked so well I just HAD to start snapping photos.

Sheer Sin is an opaque-ish latex ensemble so snug and sexy and I swear it could be straight from Barbarella. There are multiple cut and layer options, from long sleeve and full coverage to a sleeveless hi-cut look for showing a bit more skin. OF COURSE there is Kai Heideman's just perfect latex textures with glossy shines in just the right places and honestly I have yet to see latex fashion in SL that can match his work.


+DV8+ has some newness out too, and my fave is this punky sci-fi gothy glowy ...just... WOW hairstyle. Where Kai Heideman's latex styles are near realistic, Vasha Martinek's clockwork steampunk insanity comes from a more fantastic place. I'd never heard of +DV8+ until I stumbled on one of the Twisted hunts umm last year? I don't know, maybe the year before WHATEVER it doesn't really matter, because it was love at first sight. The Pandora Cyberfall hairs are spiky flexy and soooo fun. I really love the glow and the deep hues in the hairs are brilliant.


It all just popped and worked together. Whaddaya think?

Go. Explore. Enjoy.


Powers of Creation

Monday, March 29, 2010

Discord Designs~Net Head


So last week my internetz were totally messed up. I couldn't do ANYTHING... well, actually, it was worse than just not being able to log on. Ohhh yah... see, I could actually get online for a little bit. Email, music, youtube, Second Life; yah I could open the pages and do whatever and then with no warning at all POOF! the whole thing just stopped. Ugh.

See, if I just couldn't get online that would be one thing, but noooo, the internet fairies weren't happy with just leaving me stranded on some offline island. Nope, they had to tease me with the idea that everything was just FINE and then ZAP they'd sprinkle some of that techno fairy dust and bzzzt! pop! zappo! (sound effects are my own). Grrr...

Everything got fixed, of course, I know there's probably some techy description of the problem but honestly, I like the idea of techno sprites better... and this is what I'd imagine they'd look like.

Oh, can you say 'perfect timing?' Look what Kallisti Burns of Discord Designs left for me this morning! Very very cool... and of course some techno dreads are exactly what those little magical creatures living in my machine are wearing! Seriously tho, these are really fun and creative offerings from one of my favorite prim sorceresses in SL.


Discord Designs has a LOT of hair styles to choose from by the way, and is one of the few hair designers to have a huge selection of dreads and braided styles BEFORE this whole Avatar thing started. Definitely worth your time to explore her shop!


Hair. Discord Designs Nethead

Glasses. Grim Bros. Geeked Out Scientist Glasses

Wings. Bitter Thorns Black Cyberwings

Boots. AVZ Wrapped Boots


Pic 1 Vive9 Carrot [apricot] Whispering
Pic 2 Vive9 Po [pale] Ash

Pic 3 Minajunk Cyber04

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miu-Piercing Corset


Do you like a little pain with your fashion? Hmmmm?

Well, it's sort of inevitable actually... Fashion and pain have gone together since, well, I don't really know, but there's a LOT of really uncomfortable looking stuff drawn on the walls of the ancient pyramids of Egypt and I'm sure that somewhere in time there was some frustrated cavegirl complaining about how her sabertooth jumper just... well, itched something crazy.

It's still all about that choice though isn't it? I've got some heels that just ugh hurt horribly but mmmm they're so cute. That's how it works I guess. It's that sexy "ouch" that cute pain... and what's this? Oh! this is something new from Miu! Now THIS is really sexy, this new pierced corset.


The details are just really well done, especially in the ribbon that laces through the nicely textured steel hoops. It comes with two options, one with a shadow and one without, and has a menu driven color changer so you can customize to your hearts desire. Ummm... 16 color options I think?

I've got some other cute Miu looks in my inventory too, mostly cute clubby dresses, but there's a lot of denim and other stuff there too (although I haven't really checked out the denim yet... you should just SEE my to do list... ugh). It's definitely a shop worth checking out tho', and I'll be keeping my eye on it too.



Monday, March 15, 2010

+DV8+ Deathrock Iron Trifecta


Shhhh.... I'm hiding from the holidays...

Well, not in RL... but here on the blog yus.

See, what happens is THIS: some holiday comes around like, well... let's say Valentine's Day and I'm just doing whatever and maybe I feel like I want to do a blog post. Happens... but then I remember VALENTINE'S DAY is coming up or even ST. PATRICK'S DAY and I stop myself and think.." should I do a THEMED POST?" hmmm... then I just sort of go back and forth.

ooo don't get me wrong... I mean, I've DONE them... there's the odd Merry XMas or Halloween post that goes up. I have nothing AGAINST them at all actually, it has to do more with the whole wanting to write something but having no real idea what to write and at the same time NOT wanting to be FORCED to write about something just because there's some holiday coming up. Basically, I'd rather stare stupidly at a blank computer screen than be given an assignment...

So what's REALLY cool is when I find myself WANTING to write something and get the chance to talk to Vasha Martinek, co-owner of DV8 Designs. Have you seen her new Deathrock Collars? Very cute. Awesome, actually, very simple yet gorgeous primwork, but with many options as far as textures, glow settings, and colors (in the Velvet texture only). There's a few styles too: Iron Trifecta (shown), Cuffed, and Candy.

Not to mention the total fangirl moment I even chatting with Vasha in the first place. Have you seen DV8? Please say yes... even if you just say it to get me off your back and then secretly you're actually planning on stopping by DV8 first chance you get. Bad, yes, because you're LYING to me (what did I ever do to you?) but GOOD because maybe you'll just totally fall in love with the pure goth clockwork craziness that IS DV8. Seriously, the store is full of glowy, punky, dark gorgeous hairs and accessories hanging temptingly from the walls.

So, whew! So happy to share... and I didn't even have to mention the 500 lbs Leprachaun in the room.

Shhhh..... (happy St. Patrick's Day!! be safe!)

DV8 Mainstore


Friday, March 5, 2010

[Gauze] Bad Romance...


So I think this was supposed to be a post-Valentine's Day umm... post.

I have to start by saying this isn't really a Lady Gaga post at all... might have tricked ya with the 'Bad Romance' title.

Nope, this is a post about t-shirts. Not just ANY t-shirts actually, I mean, these are Gauze t-shirts. Do you wear them? Love them? If no, please exit the call. This isn't for you fashionista glitterati divas. Nope, just a t-shirt post. Casual, comfy... oh, and you know how I mentioned Gauze? Wellll, that means they're from designer Yukio Ida. YES one of my faves and YES a designer and artist with an eye for those little details we all love so much in our Second Life looks. It's the creases, the little folds in the cotton... it's the comfy fit and the long cut (what, no midriff? Awesome).

Just because it's simple doesn't mean it can't be well made, and I think Yuki proves that point here. Oh wow, a post with a point!

Seriously tho', these are really nice... and pretty appropriate for those days when you don't necessarily need to get all crazy dressed up like... Lady Gaga I guess.

I've got three, there may be more soon I hope. Definitely looking forward to seeing more anyway. I'll have to stop using visual kei references about Yuki's work tho I guess. Punky? Oooo, I like where this is going.


T-Shirts (Bad Romance and You Make Me Crazy)
Caged Necklace

Vive 9 Marianne ( Toast Light Freks)

Nikita Fride Designs Lust Hair (Cream Strawberry)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

[][]Trap[][] Chromatic Skins

chromatic 1
I haven't posted in a while I know, and I could go off on some random story about how this is going on RL or that is happening or I've doing whatever, but really, I should probably just go straight into these skins.

I say this a lot about Selos Dae's skins: Skin as Art. Look through the posts, it's all there. Skin as art, skin as art. It's like a mantra, it's definitely a theme, and it's absolutely true. Skin. Art. Selos is an artist who makes skins. Oh, he makes lots of other stuff too, I mean, all really well made, but his skins are always so magical, so dramatic. Absolutely some of my favorites in Second Life.

So maybe these aren't skins for you models out there. No, these are for your sorcerors and sorceresses, witches and warlocks, ghosts, fae vampires... these are skins for you goths twirling under pixelated disco lights to your fave dark techno beat.
chromatic 2
The latest? Ohhh, they're called Chromatic, and they're just lovely.

GO... you children of the night! LOVE THEM!

And that hair? dontcha love it too? It's from Nikita Fride Design, my new secret addiction... it's called Goth (ahhhh see the theme?).


Nikita Fride Design

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nightshade Designs: Thank God I'm Pretty

This skin is 50L right now. Yup. fittee.

Oh, I bought it months ago, at full price I'm sure... I blogged it even I think.

I'm NOT complaining, I mean, after all I guess there's a whole new Emilie Autumn inspired look coming from Nightshade Designs... oh, hence the sale.

I shouldn't even be telling you about it, really. I mean, I LOVE this skin. Really lovely and honestly I think the best skin to come from Belladonna Mureaux's gorgeous little dark emporium (ok, not so 'little' actually; skins, hairs, gothic awesomeness EVERYWHERE). The thing is, if YOU love it and you go buy it then who KNOWS how many people will go and buy this skin... I seriously can't have everyone wearing this. So don't go to Nightshade Designs... well, you actually SHOULD I guess, it's probably just selfish of me to try to keep this to myself.

Let's all just agree to NOT wear it all at the same time? Ok? Promise?

OH! and dig these boots! Called Wrapped boots from AVZ... LOVE them, totally awesome.

Nightshade Designs


Friday, January 1, 2010


a moment

Oh I'm soooo sleepy... Ya, New Year's Eve was pretty awesome... I DID somehow find myself logging on to SL tho' last night (errr, this morning) to take some pictures tho'.

I've been running around all week in this lovely skin from Trap designer Selos Dae. It was an Xmas giftie from his update group and oh wow so gorgeous. I think for sheer art, beauty and really creative skins there is no better designer than Selos.

From what I can see, it's still available to group members, so maybe you might want to think about joining. If you missed it well you should really just check out Trap for yourself, there's a HUGE range of exotic and artistic skin and other AV accessories just beautifully worked from the brain of one of the metaverse's really really real artists. Available for girls OR boys, if you're looking Definitely you MUST go to see Selos' other work, it's simply some of my favorite in Second Life, no doubt about it.

The hair is called Surreal and it's from Bishwear... top is from Gauze (another one of my absolute favorite shops!)and is called Stained...

Anyway, I could go on but seriously I'm soooo tired and I still have to go to work tonight. Ugh.

Yes, I need a nap.

Ok, so have a HAPPY NEW YEAR from Purely Visual!

Yay 2010!!

Trap skins poses and eyes