Saturday, September 18, 2010

Whither Minx?

The Last Supper

This, THIS is how I feel.

No, not a fashion post... sorrryy all. I have a backlog that I simply MUST get to but there's a secret drama unfolding as we speak involving a dead old computer and a donated lovely but severely inefficient computer that just can't handle SL...

Basically, it's the graphics card at this point... VERY important and unfortunately just a little outside my budget at the moment. Ugh...

Ok, so just a few days out of my budget I guess... the plan is to be back in SL soon at FULL POWER so I can share and enjoy SL with all of you again.

The pic? Oh, just a fun sort of umm... mixed media? Is that what this is? It sounds right anyway. It started with a face shot in SL and ended with a mouthful of fangs I stole from some monstrous deep sea demon I found on google.

LOVE YOU ALL. Readers, designers.. all you SL artists and art lovers... I miss you all but I'll be back soon.

Thanks for waiting.