Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nightshade Designs: Thank God I'm Pretty

This skin is 50L right now. Yup. fittee.

Oh, I bought it months ago, at full price I'm sure... I blogged it even I think.

I'm NOT complaining, I mean, after all I guess there's a whole new Emilie Autumn inspired look coming from Nightshade Designs... oh, hence the sale.

I shouldn't even be telling you about it, really. I mean, I LOVE this skin. Really lovely and honestly I think the best skin to come from Belladonna Mureaux's gorgeous little dark emporium (ok, not so 'little' actually; skins, hairs, gothic awesomeness EVERYWHERE). The thing is, if YOU love it and you go buy it then who KNOWS how many people will go and buy this skin... I seriously can't have everyone wearing this. So don't go to Nightshade Designs... well, you actually SHOULD I guess, it's probably just selfish of me to try to keep this to myself.

Let's all just agree to NOT wear it all at the same time? Ok? Promise?

OH! and dig these boots! Called Wrapped boots from AVZ... LOVE them, totally awesome.

Nightshade Designs


Friday, January 1, 2010


a moment

Oh I'm soooo sleepy... Ya, New Year's Eve was pretty awesome... I DID somehow find myself logging on to SL tho' last night (errr, this morning) to take some pictures tho'.

I've been running around all week in this lovely skin from Trap designer Selos Dae. It was an Xmas giftie from his update group and oh wow so gorgeous. I think for sheer art, beauty and really creative skins there is no better designer than Selos.

From what I can see, it's still available to group members, so maybe you might want to think about joining. If you missed it well you should really just check out Trap for yourself, there's a HUGE range of exotic and artistic skin and other AV accessories just beautifully worked from the brain of one of the metaverse's really really real artists. Available for girls OR boys, if you're looking Definitely you MUST go to see Selos' other work, it's simply some of my favorite in Second Life, no doubt about it.

The hair is called Surreal and it's from Bishwear... top is from Gauze (another one of my absolute favorite shops!)and is called Stained...

Anyway, I could go on but seriously I'm soooo tired and I still have to go to work tonight. Ugh.

Yes, I need a nap.

Ok, so have a HAPPY NEW YEAR from Purely Visual!

Yay 2010!!

Trap skins poses and eyes