Saturday, September 26, 2009



Ohh... it's Fall already. Will I miss the Summer? definitely... I mean, I really DO love the sun.

BUT, let's look on the dark side shall we? Ok, so OBVIOUSLY we've got Halloween coming up, my most favoritist of holiday's. Ohh, and yus, shorter days means LONGER NIGHTS, so there's plenty of time to let your dark side out to play.

Goth, Vamp, Demon, were-whatever... your time is NOW! And I've been hunting around SL for that perfect evening look. One of my new fave skins I grabbed from Den-Dou, and it's perfect for ohhhh, midnight snacks.

I have a few Den-Dou skins, and I've been really happy with the skin-maker so far. Denchu Dench's skins walk that line between very very detailed and realistic and something a bit more... almost painted I guess. Definition of hand drawn, I know, but still the effect is something almost anime. The result is a skin line that is both otherworldly and very real at the same time.

Oh, my fave part of her Vampire skins is the bloody bloody just fed options. Of course, the pack contains skins from 'Dawn' to 'Dusk', so you can pretty much follow this vampiress' story from the hunt to feeding time. YUM!

So, GO! Seriously, Halloween is just around the corner... or every day I suppose... depending on your, um, tastes.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Black Canary~Ephemeral

So that's it then. Summer's over. Ugh.

Not that it was really all that great, I mean, the weather here's been really awful. Weatherwise, it could have really been a LOT warmer... seriously. It's felt a little like Autumn for a week already, sooo, just a little depressing.

Of course, Fall has a special place in my heart too. There's Halloween of course! And as much as I LOVE the sun, there's something special about long long crisp nights, with that cool brush of leaves moving against each other. It's spooky and beautiful all at once... so naturally I've been in a sort of 'dark' mood lately.

Perfect timing then to share Morrigan Denimore's 'Ephemeral' from The Black Canary. Another gorgeous primmy look from Morrigan, with some VERY lovely work in the ruffles and textures. Ephemeral was originally TBC's submission for Black Swan, but it's now available to YOU at his new shop location in Necrosis Noctis.

Ephemeral comes complete with skirt, bustle, high collar, stockings, garter and a cute hat (umm... not shown). It's a cinch to mod too, now that Morrigan has started adding that menu driven editing option that seems to be pretty much all over lately. Personally, I love the feature, and it really allows for serious customization especially for some of TBC's more androgynous designs.

So, definitely go and check this out, and DEFINITELY explore Necrosis Noctis if you haven't been there before. There's a LOT of new shops and the feel is definitely gothic.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Moonshine Designs~Beckon and Winsome

Loving these cute looks from Shelly Toonie!

Summer's not over people! I mean, it's STILL warm out right? It's still good weather for some sun on your shoulders! I know, I know, all the stores have out their candy displays and Halloween themed outfits. I haven't seen a costume aisle yet anywhere thank gawd though.

Don't get me wrong; I LOVE Halloween. I LOVE the Fall. But while it's still warm out, well, let's look at two new looks from Moonshine Designs perfect for a backyard party or a day in the city. Okay, well technically FOUR actually. Beckon and Winsome come in two different skirt options, appropriately named I and II.

Of course, it's Shelly's eye for color and excellent textures that I love most about these looks. The designs are really fun as always, but will you look at that bow on Beckon? Moonshine Designs features some really lovely primwork on all of Shelly's outfits, and she really works to keep her releases fresh and different.


So, I'd pop over there STAT for some really gorgeous designs with a fun, summery feel.

Moonshine Designs

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SLink~Sachara Elven Ears


[Sort of a disclaimer here: Last week I posted a review of these totally lovely Sachara Elven ears and erroneously credited them to Faery Sola instead of SLink designer Siddean Munro. While I've never really claimed to be any sort of journalist, I absolutely SHOULD be able to get facts straight. So, apologies were sent round after the error was pointed out, all is well, and this is a repost with all info up to date.]

I've been all about ears lately. I mean, I've always had a little thing for fae fashion and accessories in SL, but lately it's just been nuts. I've been picking out hairs that I know will fit around prim ears, looking for cool weird eyes and basically hanging around in every wooded magical sim I can find. It's a thing, definitely; only the most recent in my long string of obsessions that pretty much define my SL experience. Call it short attention span or whatever, SL is mostly just a series of 'Aha!' moments for me and the latest and most awesome 'Aha!' is Siddean Munro's Sachara Elven Ears from SLink.

These are my first SLink pieces, so I'll definitely need to go back to Siddean's shop to see what else is there, and I really don't have anything to compare these to; so let me just try to distill the basics in a few key points:

1. Lovely shape and texture options. It's the shape options that first struck me. Each pack comes multiple fae styles, from long to 'outy' to short to pointy. One pack, and multiple options to really customize your look. That little fold and whirl in your ear is textured on nicely, which avoids that sometimes 'too smooth' look that some elven ears have.

2. JEWELRY! Okay, so not the first jewelry I've seen on fae ears, BUT, still very lovely. There can be some sizing editing issues, most specifically with the nose-ring version shown above; but, I have sort of a tiny AV and it may have just been me. They're not impossible to edit at all though, and with a little patience moving a few prims around they fit perfectly.

3. Okay, the third thing really can't be put into just one bullet point, mostly because it sort of involves point two too, so let's talk about customization.

Each set of Siddean's ears comes with a HUD customization tool that is one of the most in-depth I've seen ever. Okay, so the basic customization is all there, you can change gem and metal colors on the jewelry with a simple click, we've seen that before, and even skin tones can be changes with some presets that Siddean has loaded into the HUD. BUT, customization doesn't stop there!
This is so cool. There's a notecard included that walks you through matching the Sachara ears to whatever skin tone you're wearing at the time. YES, there's com boxes to click or unclick in preferences while you're doing it, and it might take a little time if you're not familiar 100% with options available to you in the viewer. With a little patience though, you can match your ear skin tone directly to the skin you're in, no matter who the designer. Once you've loaded the skin, you can save it to your HUD as well to be a one-click option for future wears.

Love it love it love it.

I didn't see them at the SLink main store, but you can find these featured at Studio Sidhe here.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nightshade Designs~Charmant

So, I managed to accidentally permanently delete a good portion of my inventory.


I thought I'd be smart, sort of clean everything out in bits and pieces. So, to start, I sorted by the word 'demo' and just started sweeping through. Lots of 'shift' then click sort of thing. Apparently, some of my folders must have been caught up in everything coz now they're just gone.

So NOW I have to go to all the designers I bought stuff from and ask for them to replace them.

HA. No, I'm just kidding. This one's on me I guess, just being stupid.

ANYWAY, luckily, something that was NOT deleted was Belladonna Mureaux's Charmant dress from Nightshade Designs. Nightshade has been one of my fave goth shops in SL for a while, and once you see Bella's well made skins, hairs and most definitely her darkish sexy designs I think you'll know why.

Charmont is one of Bella's latest, and I think you can snap this up in her riotvend at her mainshop in Necrosis still. Simple, yes, but with little lovely touches in the fabric textures to give these cute lolita styles just the right touch of realism and substance. I really love this look, with its muted shades and lace edges... so cute.

Anyway, I've got to get back to see how much damage I've done to my inventory. You should head over to Nightshade in the meantime. We might even run into each other whilst I scramble to replace a few things.


Nightshade Designs