Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DV8 and Powers of Creation


I wanted to come up with some clever title and launch into a witty post about some such topic or whatever. Seriously...

Of course, I know 'clever' is pretty much in the eye of the beholder and 'witty' for me anyway ends up being some random journey through whatever medications I might happen to be on when I'm actually writing.

But I've got nothing to rant about... my head's a blank. Mostly I think because I just don't think I can talk about anything else but this gorgeous newness from SL designers Powers of Creation and DV8.

I love it when a look comes together so easily, and the new Sheer Sin set from poc and +DV8+s Pandora Cyberfall hairs just worked so well I just HAD to start snapping photos.

Sheer Sin is an opaque-ish latex ensemble so snug and sexy and I swear it could be straight from Barbarella. There are multiple cut and layer options, from long sleeve and full coverage to a sleeveless hi-cut look for showing a bit more skin. OF COURSE there is Kai Heideman's just perfect latex textures with glossy shines in just the right places and honestly I have yet to see latex fashion in SL that can match his work.


+DV8+ has some newness out too, and my fave is this punky sci-fi gothy glowy ...just... WOW hairstyle. Where Kai Heideman's latex styles are near realistic, Vasha Martinek's clockwork steampunk insanity comes from a more fantastic place. I'd never heard of +DV8+ until I stumbled on one of the Twisted hunts umm last year? I don't know, maybe the year before WHATEVER it doesn't really matter, because it was love at first sight. The Pandora Cyberfall hairs are spiky flexy and soooo fun. I really love the glow and the deep hues in the hairs are brilliant.


It all just popped and worked together. Whaddaya think?

Go. Explore. Enjoy.


Powers of Creation