Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year from Purely Visual


Well, that's just about it for 2008.

Lotsa lotsa lotsa stuff happened, not all of it good, but most. Of course, every year has it's own ups and downs I guess. For me, well, 2008 was my first full calendar year in Second Life. I met lots of people: designers, bloggers, artists, builders... all so talented and lovely. There were some awesome times and some not so awesome times. I've made some lovely friends along the way and watched some leave. I'm a bit wiser maybe than I was a year ago, I hope. Still processing, ugh...
pass the jello shots, puhleeze.

I think this is a weird time for just about EVERYONE... I think the end of one year is always just a little bit sad, but there are new beginnings to look forward to and, well, let's face it... New Year's Eve is ALWAYS the best party of the year!

So, here's looking forward to shiny newness in 2009. Don't make any resolutions you can't keep, and DEFINITELY don't make any resolutions you'll regret! Be safe, be happy and have a lovely time today.

Thanks everyone for all your support, I promise to keep writing if you promise to keep reading! It's the last day of 2008, make the most of it! Happy New Year!



Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fab.Pony~Get Your Glam on for New Years!!

New Years

Ohhh New Years. Yah, 2009 is on the way (tick tick tick) and I've been trying to figure out how best to celebrate. Planning for New Year's festivities in SL is a LOT more fun than doing it in RL. I mean, in RL, well, on top of putting together an outfit and getting your hair did, there's the constant running to the store for bubbly and putting together a menu for guests. Now, in SL, it's a lot simpler, mostly because all the drinks are just prim attachments and outfits, well, they're pretty much only limited by your imagination.

Tatianna Faulkes of Fab.Pony specializes in fun, retro, glammy goodness, and has a LOT of fun looks that would be perfect at just about ANY New Year's parties you might find yourself attending. From the sexy, sophisticate appeal of Fab.Pony's 'Harlequin' dress to the party, disco cuteness of Tatianna's sequined hot pants, well... there's nothing left to do but dance the night away.

Fab.Pony features some really well done textures, and cute styles that wouldn't be out of place in the RL, which is something I really love about the shop. Right now, it's the hot pants that really hooked me, the sequins are sooo real. Also, the cut is just lovely, there are so many booty shorts in SL that just ride up so high... Tatianna's are cut just short enough to be sexy but not so short that they' pornographic. Her talent with textures shows well on her leggings too. The silver leggings shine just perfectly in all the right places, and the seams are a nice 'real' touch too.

Another really cool thing about Tatianna's designs is that while they're all very unique, it's actually very easy to mix and match separates. Everything goes together very well.

One thing to watch, and this happens a lot to me with my 'petite' AV, well, some items can be a trick to fit correctly. Now, everytime I see Tatianna, she's wearing her own designs and they're just so cute, so this probably isn't a problem for everyone... but if you're a little narrow in the hips I'd recommend tighter styles like Harlequin or hot pants.

So, anyway, if you're planning to party this New Years, and you're looking for that cute outfit, definitely spend some time at Fab.Pony. There are a LOT of lovely
options to choose from.

Fab.Pony Mainstore

Monday, December 29, 2008

*Illuminati* ~Wynter Skins


Well, got through Christmas! Ugh, it's been nuts, really. Felt like the longest weekend EVER. Family, food, drink, weird weather, we had it all. It's nice to spend a little time celebrating the season, I guess, but it's just sooo hard getting back in SL mode.

Luckily, Yukio Ida from Illuminati Designs gives us something to get excited about: NEWNESS!

Yup, just in time for the New Year, Illuminati's Wynter Skins are here! Yukios been making skins for a long while, everything from neko to even more exotic themes inspired from Japanese goth rock and Harajuku fun. Wynter shows a more 'mainstream' side of Yukio's design style, but it's still VERY Illuminati. A little ghostly, a little dreamlike, Wynter has a 'soft' feel to it that's as much fun to photograph as it is to wear.

Yukio Ida has pretty much made it a point to keep himself from being tied to any one genre or style, and Wynter is a lovely addition to his portfolio. This is a lovely, interesting skin totally worth your time to check out.

Wynter is available in China, Porcelain, Gold and Ganguro with 3 makeup options in each tone.

*Illuminati* Designs Mainstore

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

~(The Black Canary)~ Blizzard


I'm not sure where YOU live, but here, it's been snowing FOREVER. Just in time for the holidays, I guess... it's a 'White Christmas' after all. How perfect then to feature The Black Canary's Blizzard outfit, the latest from designer Morrigan Denimore.

Featuring Morrigan's lovely lacework, a snuggly fur stole and pseudo gothic victorian sensibilities, Blizzard feels just right on a chilly winter day. Blizzard is a LOT of fun, sexy and gorgeous.

There's something so... romantic about Morrigan Denimore's designs. He's only been in SL for a few months now, I'm happy to have met him when I did. The work I've seen from him is just lovely, definitely worth your time for a visit.

TP directly here.

PS... Xmas is here, so Purely Visual will be taking a few days off to spend with family and friends. Have a happy and safe holiday season!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Moonshine Designs~Plush


New cuteness for December from Shelly Toonie of Moonshine Designs...

Lovely textures, cute primmy skirt and scarf, and just fun overall make Plush a welcome addition to even the most discnerning fashionista's closet.

Naturally, it's all about the details, and I've always been a big fan of Shelly's texture work, especially with fabrics... Plush has a VERY velvety feel that warms ya up on those winter nights. Also, some really nice detailing in the cuffs and layered skirt, the lace comes out nicely. Shelly Toonie I think does some of the most original work in SL, very cute and well made, and Plush fits right in with her line. Definitely unique but still with that yummy Moonshine flavor.

For the skin, I just HAD to share Mia Snow's Jasmine 'Evening Out' skin. Ummm... just $1L as a special Christmas gift to her customers... and a notecard that hints that this is a sneak peak at 'things to come'. Mia's skins have always been very interesting to me, with their 'ugly-pretty' sensibilities. Not for everyone, I guess, but definitely a lot of fun in the right, um, mileu (HA! 10 points for awesome vocabulary use).


Outfit: Moonshine Designs Plush (Cinder, Nutmeg, Cranberry)

Skin: Mia Snow Jasmine (Evening Out)

Hair: Tukinowaguma Hair Styles Ayase (White)

Monday, December 22, 2008

:+:Studio Sidhe:+: Silver Filigree Set


Finding jewelry in Second Life isn't easy...

Oh, sure, for YOU it might be. I mean, there are TONS of designers making jewelry in SL, even as we speak. There's your leather chokers and neko collars, blingy diamond broaches and strings of prim pearls. You can find jewelry made from twine or barbed wire or flowers even. It's all there, I know THAT, but it's not all for ME.

No, see, I've got a problem looking for jewelry in SL. Of course, there's my bling allergy; I'm pretty sure it's fatal. And then there's the fact that I don't like diamonds. (WHA? b-b-but diamonds are a girls best friend! How...?) Yah, well... whatever.. (now EMERALDS! hehe). Okay, back to the point, right? I can't spend a lot of time popping around SL looking for good jewelry. Half the time it's a little too flashy for my tastes or you just run into the problem of fitting it right. Ugh.

Anyway, so I've got simple tastes, but that doesn't mean I'm not always looking for well made, beautifully designed accessories. For that, well, Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe manages to hook me every time. This week she dropped her new Silver Filigree Set and THIS is what I'm talking about. The designs are just lovely, with woven silver earrings and matching pendant, just so interesting to look at. The texture looks so real you can almost feel the weight (and these feel light! Would probably be horribly expensive in RL). There's a matching bracelet that attaches to your wrist and hand, and you can almost feel the cool metal against your skin. I tried my hardest to do these justice in my pictures, so if you think they look good here, then just WAIT till you see them in SL. Faery's designs are lovely, almost organic and obviously the product of some hard work and eye for design.

Faery makes LOTs of stuff too. At her mainstore you'll find not just accessories (for the boys too!) but poses, outfits and some other clothing. If you haven't visited, you definitely should.


:+:Studio Sidhe:+: Mainstore Silver Filigree w/ Bells Set

Philotic Energy Rae (Jet Black, Red Tipped)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Discord Designs~Sylva


When it comes to this whole fashion blogging thing, I've basically got two things to deal with when I receive an item for review. First, how to photograph it and second, well, what to write about it. Between the two, honestly, it's the photography that's the hardest, just because there are so many things to consider.

I mean, there's the mood, right? As in, 'what kind of story does this item tell?'... Mood, for me, pretty much sets the place I'm going to take a photo. Of course, it can depend on how I'm feeling that day too, nothing wrong with taking something maybe the designer meant to be seen one way and showing it another. It's all part of what we do, after all, as bloggers. We take a creation and put a spin on it, maybe shine a light on it in a different way. It's really about exploring possiblilities.

So, sometimes I can spend a lot of time TPing around Second Life, looking for a cool sim and the right pose to highlight something. There are times, naturally, that it doesn't really take so long... some designs just jump out at ya, practically scream time and place and mood. Sylva, Kallisti Burns' latest hairstyle from Discord Designs, was like that. Sexy and a little fantastic, I knew exactly where I wanted to take it.

Kallisti has a pretty wide range of styles in her shops, for the boys and girls, but really shines when it comes to her braidwork. Sylva incorporates her braids along the scalp but builds to a long, flowing topknot that hangs naturally down your back. Lovely, sexy and VERY 'warrior queen', the details in Kallisti's braids simply must be seen to be believed. These are the best I've seen in SL... and a nightmare to make from the pics I've seen of the process.

Sylva comes with Kallisti's signature scripted sizing menu, and the metal bands are colorchange through the chat box.


Hair: Discord Designs Sylva (Shock)

Outfit: Bare Rose Dark Spirit

Thursday, December 18, 2008

*poc* Latex Prim Mini


*powers of creation* has been one of THE best sources for quality latex styles in Second Life since about June of 2007. Designer Kai Heideman's textures, design sensibilities and selection of styles are some of the best I've seen, and this is in a virtual world with no shortage of fetish designers.

*poc*'s styles have always included catsuits and bodywear; sexy curve hugging styles perfect for the discerning latex lover. Kai's latest release, though, offers something a little different.

While *poc* has always offered a wide variety of cuts and looks, Kai's new latex mini is his first prim skirt. This yummy style (with a capital YUM) is short, sexy and made with the attention to detail we've come to expect from all of Kai's latex clothes. The texture is absolutely lovely, and the prim attachment matches it nicely. Even better, the prim comes with a scripted customization feature to make that fit even more perfect. There's a lot of options available, and it CAN take a little time to get used to, but it's not horribly complicated and MUCH nice than trying to mess with 'edit mode' sliders. The menu lets you customize both front and back panels, as well as shine and other features.

Another really cool thing about this skirt is the number of clothing layers available. More than just 'underwear' or 'pant' layer, the skirt (available in both laced and closed sides) is ALSO made on 'jacket' and 'shirt' layers, so you can play with your outfit pretty much anyway you like.

To complete the look for my photos, I also grabbed the Laced Top from *poc*, available in tube, tank and long sleeve layers.

Very well made, lots of layer options, and creative designs make *poc* a must see.


Skirt: *powers of creation* Latex Mini (black)

Top: *powers of creation* Latex Laced Top (black)

Boots: *Illuminati* Designs Eclipse

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SySy's Yip Dresses


Going glam today!

SySy's ALWAYS has something fun and glamorous to offer... SySy Chapman's designs are sophisticated, sexy and always interesting. Cue West Side Story music for 'Yip', SySy's latest release. Yip is frilly, fun and well made, and it makes you feel like you're about to walk the red carpet.

Available in blue, rose and chocolate, Yip is colorful without being too bright, and subdued enough to be 'grownup'. Tops and bottoms come in multiple layer options and the skirt moves very naturally as you walk.

Glam seems to be SySy's specialty, but she has a nice collection including sweaters, pants and all sorts of styles from classic formal to boho chic. Definitely worth your time.

SySy's by Sy Designs Mainstore

Tuesday, December 16, 2008




It's cold outside... seriously, horribly, bitter cold... and all I really want to do, all ANYONE really wants to do is stay inside. Maybe turn the heat way up and slither into something snug and sexy for that special friend. Something you're in the mood for? Well, then I've got something extra sexy for you today.

Khorus Magne of Elixir specializes in snug and sexy, specifically latex, and has an eye for interesting cuts and textures. Her latex shines quite well, looking very natural (which is kind of a feat in a world where there's actually no real light). Her latex minis are especially cute, cut very very high and leaving a tantalizing peek beneath. There's no prims on this skirt either, which adds to the tight look and hip hugging sexiness. Contours are highlighted with piping, accentuating your shape, and giving the outfit a sleek look.

The texturing is quite nice, the shine is subtle enough but still visible, and Khorus avoids 'overworking' the effect. The lines along the thigh and shoulders can look a bit uneven, depending on your pose, but I don't think it detracts from the overall effect of the outfit. Still very sexy and definitely snug.

Elixir carries styles for both boys and girls, and wandering around the shop I was really impressed with the variety of cuts and styles. Definitely worth a visit if you're going for a spot on the 'naughty' list this holiday season.


Friday, December 12, 2008

*Illuminati* Designs~Ai to Kanashimi no Rondo


There's really a lot to learn in SL if you know where to look. Ok, yah, so there's educational sims and tutorial sims, but that's not what I'm talking about. I mean there's a lot to in a cultural sense. SL is a giant melting pot, there are no geographical barriers really, you can walk through a build and meet people from Europe or Asia or the US in just a matter of minutes. Even better than that though, is when an artist or designer shares part of their culture or even just a culture they love with the rest of us SLifers.

Yukio Ida of *Illuminati* Designs does that; shares a part of a culture with every one of his creations. Does it well, too, I should add.

Ai to Kanashimi no Rondo is a lovely, interesting offering from Yukio, in the spirit of sharing culture with the rest of us in SL. There's actually a few items in the *Illuminati* mainstore inspired by RL designs, and this well made, beautiful dress comes from the gothic look and spirit of Japanese band Malice Mizer. Yukio has a gift for prim work, and the lace trim and ribbon collar are just beautiful. The fabric of the dress has a really nicely done pattern that just gets more interesting the closer you zoom in.

'Rondo' isn't strictly 'gothic lolita' style, but it's at least a second cousin to it... and if you're looking for that dark style mixed with some classic designs, *Illuminati* has something for you.

*Illuminati* Designs Mainstore

Thursday, December 11, 2008

[][]Trap[][] Lace Pants


If you're familiar with [][]Trap[][], you've probably seen Selos Dae's lovely fantasy skins... dark, fantastic, hand drawn pieces that are different from pretty much anything you'll find anywhere else in Second Life. Selos has an eye for texture, and a feel for moods and place. Trap's skins and eyes are unique, gothic and mysterious.

So, when I heard that Selos was working on pants, well, I was definitely curious. I mean... ok, so I already knew I loved his work, but this would be something totally different. I wasn't sure what to expect; so once I heard they were up in the shop, I HAD to TP over there, just to see, right?

Well, these are pretty cool. Selos' skins really showcased his drawing skills, and I think they've translated well to clothing. So, the textures aren't photorealistic or anything, but that's not what you're going to Trap for anyway, right? Definitely interesting to look at, shaded in all the right places, and folds and wrinkles are placed very well. The prim cuffs mod very easily too. My favorite thing about these though are the laces themselves; really wonderful to look at and they add really nicely to the overall punky feel of these pants. I love clothes that are interesting to look at, not just in their cut and style but in their textures and the mood they project.

So, yah, put one in the 'win' column for Trap. Selos' first clothing foray is really nice, and I can't wait to see what he's planning for a followup.

You can TP to trap directly here.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

*powers of creation*


So, one of my 'things' when I look at ANYTHING in SL, fashion or otherwise, is how well the texturing is done. It's not that I'm super-picky or anything, really, but I'm definitely drawn to textures and items that look, well, real. Not so easy to do in an unreal world, I'm sure, and therefore not always the easiest thing to find, either. I'm sure there's tricks to it, little technical tools that can help a designer put their styles together... but when it comes down to it, it's really about the artistic talent and the eye of the creator that makes everything work.

Kai Heideman of *powers of creation* seems to have that eye, his latex outfits are not only stylish, sexy and always interesting; but the texture itself is one of the best I've seen in SL. There's a shine, a genuine shine to his textures that I haven't seen anyplace else. I've had a few sets of his in my inventory for a while, and I was so happy to find them again.

The funny thing is, I'm pretty sure I found these when I was using one of the older pre-Windlight even. It's been kind of an adventure since I had my graphics card upgraded and moved to the new viewers. I had a LOT of stuff in my inventory that just didn't look the same anymore. I'd gotten used to a level of quality in SL items, so when I converted, I was actually blown away at how much better some of my purchases looked.... and, of course, some of the flaws in other items were only amplified by the cruel Windlight gods. Now, I can't spend every minute of every day trying stuff on to see how it looks, but I DO sometimes take a little break and look over some of my older purchases. Kai's creations haven't suffered my transition at all, and the quality is STILL very high.

Anyway... if you haven't heard of *poc*, and maybe you're feeling a little 'bad'... or just want to check out some very high quality latex gear with lovely textures, *powers of creation* is the place for you.

TP directly here.

Also worn:

Boots: *Illuminati* Designs Eclipse Boots

Skin: *Illuminati* Designs Mana (China)

Hair: Tukinowaguma Hair Styles Yukichan (White)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

~*{The Black Canary}*~ Frigid Belle


So let's face it, winter is the worst time of year. Ohh yah, sure, there's sledding I guess, and hot chocolate... and all that holiday cheer that comes with the grayest of all seasons. BUT, there's also cold, and bitter cold, and windy cold... and wet, dirty snow, and ice, and bad drivers. Oh yah, and did I mention the cold? Ugh.

Well, unless you've got your private jet fueled up and are ready to head to the summer home in the Bahamas someplace... well, you're stuck. Nothing to do really but make the best of it, I guess. Anyway, it's gotten so miserable and cold outside I've started bundling my avatar up too (yah, it's THAT bad).

Just in time comes Morrigan Denimore's 'Frigid Belle', the latest release from The Black Canary. I first met Morrigan a month or two ago, and was really interested in his gothic stylings and prim work. In that time, he's been working hard on creating new designs, as well as getting set up in his new store. Frigid is his latest, and I'm happy to say Morrigan's hard work is showing. The fur collar, cuffs and skirt trim are really the best part of Frigid, looking very soft and warm. The textures are for the most part good quality, and while they're not seamless (the buttons up the front could have been a teeny bit more detailed)... they do stand up well under scrutiny and I think the intended effect is successful.

Frigid is incredibly cute though, and I think Morrigan's style sensibilities are pretty apparent. Frigid Belle can be purchased for $300L at the ~*{TBC}*~ mainstore here.


~*{The Black Canary}*~ Frigid Belle

Tukinowaguma Hair Styles Nodoka (black snow)

Maitreya Soho Boots (Black Suede)

Monday, December 8, 2008

*Illuminati* Designs~JM's Glitter Check

Newness shoe-ness from Yukio Ida of *Illuminati* Designs. JM's Glitter Check is Yukio's latest offering, and these are fun shoes with a little twist.

*Illuminati* has always featured some of the best and most interesting prim fun in Second Life, and these Glitter Check heels are definitely that. Starting with the really cool texturing on the shoes themselves: the buckles are really nicely done (I have a thing for buckles, I think... hmmm) and the leather has some very realistic shading too. The fun part, though, is the texture change features Yukio has built in. Texture changing is menu driven, of course, and a click on the shoes pulls up a menu to let you select from a variety of patterns and colors. Changes can be made on the strap, heel or shoe separately, so you can customize your look to whatever you're in the mood for! Even better, you can customize EACH SHOE separately even, so really, plan on spending plenty of time playing with these. Perfect, of course, for those of us prone to fashion indecision throughout the day.

Not too much you can do to edit these size wise, downwards at least, but they manage to be 'chunky' without making you look like you're playing dress up in your mother's heels. Cute!

JM's Glitter Check will run ya $250L, which is pretty fair considering what some shoesies cost in SL these days.

*Illuminati* Designs JM's Glitter Check

Friday, December 5, 2008

Belleza Skins~Belle

Skins are an interesting thing in Second Life. There's no other accessory, seriously, that makes people soooo crazy and draws such devotion. Your skin is YOU, after all, and once you find a skin designer that fits, well, it's easy to get hooked.

It makes it tough too, as a consumer, to try different skins. Oh, sure, maybe there's some quality somewhere else, but once you find your own personal look, well, it's hard to get out of that comfort zone.

Of course, I'd HEARD of Belleza, but honestly, I'd never tried a demo, never gone to a shop until Belle Lefavre offered up the opportunity to review Tricky Boucher's upcoming new release. THAT'S how I am with skins... like I said, I had my faves, right? Well... wow.

Okay, I'll start with the nitty gritty stuff. First of all, these are really good. Designing is hard enough, I'm sure, when it's just about making a pretty skirt with a nice texture to it... but skins? I can't even imagine the work that has to go in to getting those tones just right, especially under the evil, glaring eye of windlight. Belleza's tones hold up nicely, and little details like the nipples down there are really well done. One area I've seen overdone in other skins is in the hollow of the throat area; which, especially with some designers I can think of (but not NAME, for goodness sake!) can be overdone. They can look a little 'tendon-y' (new word! 10 points for me!). The makeups are flawless, lips and eyes are nicely done, and there is a nice selection to choose from.

The tones shown above are from the Belle 'Pale' line, and it's nice to see a pale skin that doesn't border on 'pasty'. Simply, these are really well made skins, and I'll be sure to keep watching Tricky Boucher's work. Definitely 'glam', yes, I expect to see these on some runways in the future... but stylish enough to keep at least ME interested.


Skin: Belleza Skins Belle 'Pale' tone (assorted makeups)

Hair: Tukinowaguma Hair Styles Kotochan 'White'

Jewelry: :+:Studio Sidhe:+: Bone and Silver Engraved Set

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Basic Plaid

Ahhh... Moonshine.

Shelly Toonie keeps me classy. Seriously. I even told her that the other day. I said, "Shelly, you keep me classy" or some such. Moonshine Designs's.. um... designs are the perfect combination of sophistication and hipness, and would feel just as right in RL as they do in SL.

Just in time for the chilling weather (I will NOT start bundling up in SL yet, no big coats for me! grrrr) comes Shelly's basic plaid pants and matching sweaters. Shelly's textures are really the star of this outfit, the plaids are really nice and the knit textures in the sweaters are cozy. Each pant does come with a prim belt and cuffs, and the details there are just as good as on the rest of these pieces. I DID have a little trouble fitting the belt, but that's not uncommon with me (ohhh, narrow hips...ugh), so it doesn't appear in some of the pictures above. Aside from that, the buckle is very nicely made and the detailing in the leather is just lovely. The sweater vests come with prim bows and collar and a long sleeve undershirt.

Overall, a really lovely combination. Pants and tops are sold separately at Shelly's main store.


Moonshine Designs 'Basic' Plaid pants and Sweater Vest

House of Heart Allie (Birch)

Tukinowaguma Hair Styles~Loveflower


I've got a bit of a confession to make...

I think it's called an 'addictive personality'... maybe it's called 'obsessive'... I dunno, but since I first landed in this interested world called Second Life, well, I've been on a constant search for the perfect hair.

Oh, sure, I know 'perfect' is completely subjective. I mean, everyone has their own 'perfect' skins and clothing designers. There are cults of fashionistas who swear by that 'perfect' set of eyes. Perfect, for me anyway, is anything that brings my SL experience closer to 'real' I guess. Of COURSE there are exceptions. I mean, if I was all about just reality, well, I'd never have logged in in the first place. Still, I think it's pretty fair to say that there are a lot of designers that just have that extra special touch, that bit of 'perfect' that makes SL that much more immersive.

For that 'real' hair, well, look no further than Tukinowaguma Hairstyles. Designer Kateforster Akina has a skill with textures that is just incredible, and I'd be embarassed to tell you how many $L I've spent in her shop. Oh, yah, and let me tell you, you can spend a LOT of $L there. The selection is really amazing, but it's the quality of Kateforster's hairs that's kept me coming back for more. Each style comes in a few 'tones', usually about four, and I use the word tone only because of the added menu driven color change feature that really sets Kateforster's hairs apart. Click on the hair, and a menu pops up, offering 16 shades; click on a shade, and there are more selections inside of that even. Now, the tones are important, because if you select 'white' in the Ash tone it looks much different than selecting 'white' in the Black tones.

All this for only $100L a hair... really really reasonable for an SL accessory. I've loved Tukinowaguma's hairs for a LONG time. Perfect for me, and definitely worth a visit.

Tukinowaguma Hair Styles

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



I'm always trying to track down and contact designers that get me excited. It's time consuming, no doubt! How many TPs? How many hours on SL just popping in and out of shops? Ugh, who knows. It can be hard to find good designers sometimes, and even then, you need to try to nail them down for a conversation. Hard work, but if you know what you're looking for, it's incredibly rewarding. I've found that most of the designers I really like do more than just make pretty things, they're interesting and creative and just make my whole SL experience that much more rewarding. It DOES make sense, of course, being attracted to this or that usually means there's some shared sensibilities.

That's why I was sooo happy when Fayne Khandr of Lookr dropped me an IM. Of COURSE I'd be interested in reviewing her designs.

Designs are best, I think, when they tell a story. That's where I start with reviews, actually. I'll try something on, shuffle through my LMs and try to find a 'scene'; and, well, there are a LOT of stories in SL. Of course, an outfit is just a costume unless you pick the right accessories, skins and whatnot... and of course, find the right place to put it all together. Lookr's Velocity 'fantasy' was perfect... just the right amount of 'story' type design with quality details enough to make it work. This is definitely sci-fi, fun and sexy-tough all rolled up in one. The shading on the prim cuffs is really well done, and the piped graphics along the rest of the outfit give it a nice cyber feel.

Lookr has a WIDE variety of styles in their shop too, not just fantasy like Velocity. So even if science fiction isn't part of your story, you should definitely stop by to see some of their other offerings.

Lookr Mainstore

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

*Illuminati*~Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb

Okay... soooo, NOT a word I think I've used in an Illuminati post before. Always a fan of Yukio Ida's work; I know I've used words like 'sexy', 'dark', 'gothic', 'detailed'... but 'cute'? Nope, don't recall EVER using that word before. Anyway, yah, Cherry Bomb is the latest release from *Illuminati* designs, and while this might seem like a deviation from Yukio's earlier releases, it actually fits very nicely in his portfolio.

Cherry Bomb really showcases Yukio's prim work nicely, from the cute double belt to the boho babydoll style top. The belt has some cool little details too in the buckles and little chains hanging from it. The skirt bottom deserves special mention too, actually. So nice to see a cute skirt with some length to it, proving once again that it doesn't have to be a micro mini to be sexy. The outfit comes complete with the black tank (some pink bow details there too!) and stripey socks.

Yukio Ida works very hard to keep himself out of any kind of 'pigeonhole', and Cherry Bomb is a nice example of this. I don't think I've ever made it a secret how much I love his designs, but a lot of my admiration is all about his ability to take RL styles and designs and move them into SL. So, yah, 'cute' may not be a word I've used to describe *Illuminati* Designs in the past, but it's certainly not outside Yukio's comfort zone...


Outfit:*Illuminati* Designs Cherry Bomb

Hair: Tukinowaguma Hair Styles Winery (Ash)

Shoes: [SVRLY Ltd] Chux by Maruko Sagigake (Black)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Discord Designs~Beth


It's soooo cold here today. Ugh... and our first snowfall too! Not that I have anything against snow, I mean, it IS winter in Chicago. Snow is to be expected. It's that cold I just can't stand. Not having the cash to just up and fly to some tropical paradise, well, I thought I'd go someplace a little warmer in Second Life for today's post. So, I slipped on my swimsuit and TP'd out to the beach.

It's a little better, I guess.

ANYWAY, enough about my pathologic aversion to all things freezing! This week I got to try out Kallisti Burns' latest release from Discord Designs: Beth. Kallisti has really set herself apart in Second Life with her braid work... she's been a favorite of mine since I first blogged her and Beth really showcases her skills well. Once again, this style comes with a menu driven sizing feature, which is always cool, but there's an added bonus too! Beth's bandana sizes along with the hairs, but is also color change as well. The color change effect can be created using the 'local chat' window, just type in the channel and command (YES each hair comes with directions!) and you have a selection of colors you can add. Really nice for accessorizing your outfit for the day.

I would have liked maybe a pattern or texture on the bandana, but overall the effect comes off really nice and it's simple to use. This is a really fun, sexy style perfect for the beach or really whatever, if you're a little daring.

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