Saturday, September 26, 2009



Ohh... it's Fall already. Will I miss the Summer? definitely... I mean, I really DO love the sun.

BUT, let's look on the dark side shall we? Ok, so OBVIOUSLY we've got Halloween coming up, my most favoritist of holiday's. Ohh, and yus, shorter days means LONGER NIGHTS, so there's plenty of time to let your dark side out to play.

Goth, Vamp, Demon, were-whatever... your time is NOW! And I've been hunting around SL for that perfect evening look. One of my new fave skins I grabbed from Den-Dou, and it's perfect for ohhhh, midnight snacks.

I have a few Den-Dou skins, and I've been really happy with the skin-maker so far. Denchu Dench's skins walk that line between very very detailed and realistic and something a bit more... almost painted I guess. Definition of hand drawn, I know, but still the effect is something almost anime. The result is a skin line that is both otherworldly and very real at the same time.

Oh, my fave part of her Vampire skins is the bloody bloody just fed options. Of course, the pack contains skins from 'Dawn' to 'Dusk', so you can pretty much follow this vampiress' story from the hunt to feeding time. YUM!

So, GO! Seriously, Halloween is just around the corner... or every day I suppose... depending on your, um, tastes.


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