Friday, May 8, 2009

~{The Black Canary}~ The Old Soul

the old soul2
Cold blows the wind over my true love
cold blows the drops of rain
I never had but one true love
and in Camville he was slain

I'll do as much for my true love
as any young girl may
i'll sit and weep down by his grave
for twelve month and one day

Cold Blows the Wind

This is just beautiful.

I know, I know, skipping my usual preambulatory rant and roundabout thing to go straight to the heart of the matter. The Black Canary's latest, The Old Soul, is beautiful.

I did have a whole thing worked up in my head about what to say too. Even grabbed some lyrics to add some mood to today's piece. The Old Soul is a beautiful kimono from Morrigan Denimore, with some lovely touches that really create a feeling of real story about it. The texturing is flawles, and while Morrigan recommends a Geisha AO for the full effect, it was very easy to fit. I really love the monochrome characters highlighting this kimono, and the graphics are beautiful. The prim skirt, collar and obi belt all fit very nicely, and the torn fabric touches do a lot to sort of tell the story.

There's something really ghostly about The Old Soul too, my mind instantly sprang to old Japanese ghosts haunting some ancient forest. Of course, I don't actually know any of those stories so I jumped to the next best thing, Ween's Cold Blows the Wind which is a beautiful story about lost loves and cemetaries.

The Old Soul
Simply, I just had to share this really lovely design from Morrigan Denimore. He seems to be able to surprise me every time I see a new release and it's a pleasure.

The Old Soul is available for boys too, so don't feel left out. If you haven't visited The Black Canary before, I think it deserves your time.


~{The Black Canary}~ The Old Soul

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Grady Echegaray said...

Awesome post Minx! I am continually blown away by the art in SL kimons. ^:^