Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moonshine Designs~Dulcet


Shelly Toonie of Moonshine Designs is a little bit obsessive. Of course, most of my favorite designers are, it's an occupational hazard maybe. I'm not talking about obsessive as in "pull-out-that-shoebox-of-pictures-of-your-ex-boyfriend-every-night" obsessive either. Noooo, I'm talking about obsessive "did-I-make-that-right-oh-god-I-should-totally-do-that-other-thing-I-wanted-to-try" obsessive.

Wow. That's a mouthful.

Anyway, on the occasions I've had the opportunity to chat with Shelly, she seemed perfectly normal. Underneath though, there's a little crazy.

It comes out in her work. When I found Moonshine Designs latest, Dulcet, in my inventory I thought "heyyy, this sounds really familiar." Hmmm, so I IM'd Shelly and yes, I wasn't imagining it. Ohhhh, but this is different, a reworking... ah! Two reworkings actually. Two updates on Dulcet, a previous Moonshine release and wow so many lovely ideas worked into it's two versions: Cross and Twist. Cross is a lovely cute peasant style top and skirt with Shelly's signature beautiful fishnet lace prim work and lovely texturing in the fabric. Twist takes a sexy two-tone halter and matches it with cute short pants. The awesome prim belt comes with Twist, but it works really well with Cross's skirt as well.

Anyway, a lovely reworking using some of Shelly's coolest tricks and an awesome addition to a consistently changing and growing line. Go if you haven't; go back if you have.

Moonshine Designs

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Shelly@Moonshine said...

Lovely styling Minx! And that hair on you is perfect