Saturday, June 27, 2009

[][]Trap[][] Ghost Hakama

Oh good grief I have no idea where to start with today's post. Yes this is Trap's Ghost Hakama, the sort of spiritual sibling to Gauze's Ishiko Kimono I mentioned the other day. Yes this is another lovely release from Selos Dae, a designer with a sensibility that lives someplace between mystic dream worlds and gorgeous nightmares. Yes this is another showing from Trap, a shop that just could never put out too much in my opinion, a shop I watch impatiently and obsessively for the next bit of awesomeness to bear the Trap name.

Simply, I'm in love with Ghost Hakama.

You know how I'm always rambling on about stories and settings and all that? Well, the truth is, it's never a project with Selos' designs. As soon as I put GH on, well, I knew the scene exactly. I knew I needed ghostly mists and shadows. I knew which poses to try. It was simple. Actually, it usually is with pretty much anything I've seen from Trap. Selos makes it easy to find the story I guess, I don't know how to better explain it.

I have a secret passion lately for prim fur, not sure why... it doesn't really go with my whole summer obsession, but I guess things like that really don't matter in SL when you get down to it. The fur trim on the sleeves and collar give the open top coat a lovely silhouette, and the textures along both the coat and primmy pants are just lovely.
Nomine's Heretic Vampire skin seemed to go well with it, a gorgeous, grotesque and sexy skin that fits nicely in the misty, dark atmosphere of Baron Grayson's Templum de Obscurum sim. I know Nomine's been a source of some lovely goth and dark designs in SL for a while, but I've only recently started really playing there and I can't wait to see more.

[][]Trap[][] Ghost Hakama

NomineVampire Heretic Skin

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