Monday, October 26, 2009

Boingo! New HOtNESS!!


Okay, so I've been really sick. Ugh, maybe not H1N1 sick, but sick yus... Haven't even logged into SL for a WEEK! Actually, I HAD to log in coz I had a tier payment due (xoxoxo to patient and understanding landlords!!) Well, that PLUS I mean, well, honestly, the blogs a little dusty.

I'll spare all the gory sicko details, but I will say that couches are really boring places, at least when you're awake and trying to focus on reruns of Friends through an antihistamine fog. Yay for long naps and fuzzy bathrobes. Yay for room mates that make chicken soup and boil water for hot tea.

I don't know, maybe it WAS the horrible Swine Flu... I didn't go to the doctor tho' to find out. I KNOW I KNOW, totally irresponsible of me, BUT, seriously, I HATE doctors. No one can ever hit my veins right when they draw blood, it's always cold there... whatever, so yus I have a laundry list of reasons WHY I didn't go.

Whatever, it's all pretty much over I think. The thing that REALLY bothered me though was all the outfits backing up for me to share with you. Seriously, between semi-blackouts and catching up on Californication there was that little voice in my head saying 'geeeez, ya really need to get bloggin' girl!'

So here I am, catching up, and first on the list is two outfits from Boingo. Bezo Abrazo and Cobra, specifically. Yes, they've been out for a couple weeks now at least but I really wanted to show these to you. Jeela Juran of Boingo has really done some lovely work lately, especially with this awesome distressed leather texture she's created. If I'd had more time, and this was a novella length blog, I could really go deeper into the giant number of variations you can create with both outfits, with different tops and layers as well as skirt options or pants. These are really sexxxy looks with a real fantasy feel.

More than that, Jeela has an interesting eye for lines and design, making these not only very interesting to look at, but truly original offerings. These are a LOT of fun, seriously, and the lovely leather texturing I think goes a little above some of the other leather out there.

Love it love it love it.


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Anonymous said...

welcome back! I had H1N1 and it knocked me down for 6 days. Great pics, as usual :-)