Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Have a Twisted Xmas!!!


Ah geez it's been a long time since I fired up the old blogger account and tapped away my insignificant insights on the SL fashion scene. I COULD go into a long story about this and that and all that stuff that's kept me away, but basically that would be BORING and useless and all that.

We'll just say RL is sometimes just full of distractions and honestly, I just haven't had the energy. There, that's about it.

ANYWAY... I knew I had to send out a holiday greeting to y'all out there in the world and thank goodness I've found some lovely xmas-sy themed goodies to share with ya!

Hmmm... what's THIS I found in my stocking (ok, yes, I sneak peaks at my presents)?

Well, there's the lovely twisted Cool Schmool ears and Frostical piercings from ElfPyre... really fun with their icicle primminess and ohhh, THIS is cool, the ears only have ONE attach point. Yup, you like your fae? Wellll, me too, and I've got some pretty cool ears in my inventory, but Daarc Dagger's attach to JUST ONE EAR. Specifically, the right one, which make them a snap to put on and leaves room for any other attachments you might want to play around with. The jagged frosties are sooo cool and I especially love the metal tips on the ears if you're looking for a little darkness in your midnight clear....

The dress is from Exxess Designs and mmmmm... well, definitely for you if you're going for the top of that 'naughty' list. Very VERY short, but sooo shmexxey and the prim work on the boots and fur hem is really awesome. I've been a huge fan of Exxess for a long time and this latest does NOT disappoint. Oh, and did I mention it's a dollarbie? No? Well, it IS, so you've really got no excuse.

Anyway, back to RL... some last minute wrapping and all that good stuff and I really have to find my Santa Hat...I know it's SOMEWHERE in the back of my closet and I really have to find it because my boyfriend's coming over and he... well... whatever..

Whether you've been naughty or nice, or even if your PLANNING on being one or the other have a happy happy holiday.

ElfPyre Productions

Exxess Designs