Friday, October 30, 2009

Moonshine Designs~ Fracture


Oh, this is just awesome... and something new to love from Moonshine Design and Shelly Toonie.

Fracture... one of Shelly's latest (that's just ONE of Shelly's latest, there's been TONS of new stuff hitting the racks of Moonshine lately) and most definitely one of my favorite new tops. With a very sexy cut and some really nice detailing in the fabric, Fracture is a hot, very versatile look that works as a casual punky top or part of something maybe a little more gothic. Oh, seriously, just ask the werewolves that sort of surrounded me the other day while I explored Bentham Forest(oh, the sweetest creatures you'll ever meet, believe me).

There's two versions of the top, one with the lovely sun design and one without... it's a nice top that looks gorgeous both ways, but for me personally I love the design version.

Shelly continues to make some really nice and current designs that are still so very Moonshine. I love an artist with a voice of their own, and if you're looking for an interesting, eclectic, and very well made line of versatile looks, then Moonshine Design definitely deserves your time.

Go now!

Moonshine Designs

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