Tuesday, November 2, 2010

.::Silenced::. is Golden


So, I spend my time in Second Life a couple different ways... There's a lot of exploring. There's a lot of getting into trouble too but that's a story for a different blog maybe. I have a bad habit of keeping pretty much every notecard, LM or spam I get when I arrive someplace so my inventory is a horrible hot mess. Totally disorganized.

So, sometimes I'll just start clicking through my landmark folder and look for something interesting. Somehow along the way I landed at .::Silenced::..


Loved it... really, and so happy to meet designer Silent Acoustic. I have a LOT to show you from this cool little boutique but just a teaser for today.

It's the textures... I mean, you know me, I LOVE looking at a nicely textured bit of clothing... cuts, styling and whatever is OF COURSE important, but a good outfit can be ruined by a boring fabric. Tattoos, skins, casual, undies... it's all there... it looks like she even does some custom photography.

For today's look I'm wearing the Sport Tank in pink, but there's more colors to choose from and I LOVE the Playboy panties... REALLY cute and lots of colors there too.


The Wonderland tattoo is really really gorgeous... available for now at least on jacket, shirt and tshirt layers, Silent promises some new tattoo layer updates are on the way! There is a little bit of a seam along the backs of the arms but I don't think it distracts from this really gorgeous work.

If you've never been, DEFINITELY check out Silenced... I can't wait to see what's next



PLayboy Panties Aqua
Sports Tank Pink
Wonderland Tattoo

Beautiful Dirty Rich

Zoe Platinum

Den Dou

Heidi Skin Champagne Rose

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