Friday, October 22, 2010

My Pinkie Sk...errr... I mean Insanya! Oh! and I learned a new word!


I love My Pinkie Skull... awesome textures, the cutest clubwear and all from the busy brain of Tatyana Ultsch.

...and this will be my very last post about it.

Nooo, not anything bad, I promise. It's just that !MPS! (the exclamation points make the My Pinkie Skull folders really easy to search for in your inventory, by the way. Awesome.) will now be Insanya.

Me, personally, I can't wait. MPS has been one of my fave go-to places lately for sexy skirts and daring club stuffs. I think it's exciting when a shop makes some changes. I mean, there are places I love, designers who consistently release items that if I don't buy outright I'll at least teleport back every few days to moon over some cute top or awesome boots or whatever. Why would I want them to change?

Because I love it when THEY want to change. The best designers in Second Life are always looking in new directions. It's all about experimentation.

Then, of course we, the fans and consumers, get to enjoy the ride.

So, yah, this is the last My Pinkie Skull post on Purely Visual.

Loving the Criminosa Skirt from MPS (ahem, I looked it up. Criminosa is Portuguese for 'criminal'. So I guess I can say I'm smarter now than I was at the beginning of this post). Resize scripts, really cool little prim parts and pouches along the belt, and a dangerously flirty skirt with dangling strappies for that little rave you want to go to this weekend. Also from MPS is the Ripped Stockings and Socks Set'... lots of options with this one, with 10 I'm pretty sure options mixing up knee socks with nylons with short socks with both with either... whew! I've been abusing the socks set lately just because it's sooo versatile.

Tatyana does tattoos too, that little heart there is from a group gift and NO I won't show you the rest of it. (the arm tattoos are from K&L... I got it on XStreet but the LM for an inworld location doesn't seem to work :-( )

The tshirt is from Primitive Design, a great shop for some nicely textured punk sexy looks and accessories. Primmy socks from SOUP (they're called 'I Love Sneakers' and I love SOUP for it's sheer cuteness.

So here we are... the last post for MPS... I can't wait to see what Insanya has in store for us!

I've left both LMs below, Insanya SHOULD be online today sometime but of course we'll need the servers to cooperate, yes?

Go! Check this out!


My Pinkie Skull (there's a sale there now too but hurry!)

Primitive Design


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