Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Grim Bros~Bone Dress Mesh


So I had a conversation the other day about the sometime lack of diversity in design in Second Life.

Well, it actually started as a conversation about Hair Fair, and hair styles, and then just style in general. I think the basic thing is that most of the time Second Life isn't anything like what I expected it to be when I first decided to rez and explore our favorite metaverse. I mean, YES there's some amazing things going on in SL, and that's what usually inspires me to share on the blog. On the other hand, well... let's just call it 'user error'.

It's not always 'bad' designs either, I"m not trying to be an uber-critic or anything. Usually though it's that some designs are just plain, well, boring. I guess, in the end, I always thought there'd be more space ships or something. This IS a world of the imagination after all, right?

I think Cutea Benelli of Grim Bros gets that too. I'm not sure if she came to Second Life looking for space ships, but she definitely came here looking for something; and what she couldn't find, she made.
So, on the one hand, you have a designer making victorian and steampunk designs for the discerning SLifer (possibly ALSO hunting space ships)... on the other hand, oh my god, these are insane! YES, I'll bang my art hammer again. YES I think this is another lovely example of the 'story' in SL. YES Cutea's Bone Mesh Dress is possibly one of the weirdest and definitely one of the coolest outfits in my inventory right now. This is definitely art as fashion. Call it 'virtual wearable sculpture' or something, although that's kind of a mouthful. Whatever, maybe just wearable sculpture.

This is a really well-made dress, though this might not be your first choice for that pool party this weekend. Lots of primmy goodness, and the dirty, rusty metal feel is a lovely touch. From the steampunky wired spine to the really cool prim skirt it really is all about the details, and I think Cutea's designs are really gorgeous examples of the absolutely not boring potential of Second Life. I mean, LOOK at the details, just look. I'll wait. There are 3 different options for the hat, and there's also a skirt layer that I didn't use for these pics, I think it works either way.

This is really awesome, and if you're getting burned out on the same old stuff from shop to shop... well, maybe take some time to visit Grim Bros.

Dress Grim Bros Mesh Bone Dress

Skin: Nomine Pierrot pedrolina

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Isle Lunasea said...

Excellent post, I soo want to see more diversity in SL, and you nailed it perfectly.

Great outfit, I am hitting Grim today as soon as I log in.