Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beliria Lumley Designs~Wings!


I think I just have to stop looking for things in Second Life. Well, not things, I mean, then what would I write about? No, I guess what I mean is I have to stop looking for specific things in SL.

Of course, that won't really work either. See, the problem is I can't seem to find what I'm looking for most of the time in SL. Grr, this is hard to explain. Ok, so I actually CAN find what I'm looking for in SL MOST of the time, it's just that I don't know that's what I'm really looking for until I find it. So, I HAVE to look for the specifics, I guess, even though usually I'm doomed not to find them.

Clear? Read it again, it took ME a couple times to get through it. Ugh.

To sum up: I have to look for something I really want even while knowing that it's not going to happen but something else wonderful might. I can't skip the first step though, coz then the whatever other thing I find becomes that first thing and wow we just keep going around, don't we...

So it started like this. I was logged in and I remembered this awesome feathery coat I bought a long long time ago. What's that designer doing now? I asked myself. So I went through and found the profile and got an LM for a new shop she had and, well... lovely, but nothing really hooked me. Hmmm... but NOW I had feathers on the brain.

Feathers became wings became me popping through Search using different terms and landing here:

Wow, gorgeous angel wings with a little difference. The lovely feathers each move beautifully, and, unlike your traditional wings flowing from your shoulders, Beliria Lumley's wings, from Beliria Lumley Designs 'natch, attach along the arms, making for a lovely silhouette and and avoiding those embarassing angelic moments when you accidentally whap! some poor passerby in the head with your wing tip. These are simply gorgeous, and I'm so happy I didn't find what I was originally looking for and I managed to run across what I was really looking for in the first place.

Really fun, and a shop I hope to share more from in the future.

Wings: BLD BM Wings (Black and White)

Skin: Nomine Ultralight pierrot lunaire

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* Katlynn Black Pearl (Cool)

Outfit: Ripped Oasis Silks (Black)

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