Friday, July 10, 2009

Fab.Pony~Bikinis!! or In which our heroine finds herself enjoying an afternoon at the beach...


Oh, I know, I chatter on all the time about how much I love summer. The sun, sometimes a vacation maybe... warm weather.

Well, at least that's what I look forward to. Summer's gotten off to a sort of weird start where I am. We had some real heat followed by temperatures in the 60's (um, that's fahrenheit by the way) and just a lot of rain lately. Ugh. Of course, that's the real thing about Second Life... can't make it to the beach? Well, just teleport to one!

VERY useful for the winter, but it works just as well for those sometimes un-ideal days that make up just another summer in the midwest.

So, it was perfect timing when I found out about Fab.Pony's latest releases: swimsuits! Tatianna Faulkes' Fab.Pony has just come out with a very sexy, cute and colorful line of bikinis. If you've never been to Fab.Pony, Tatianna's designs are a lovely collection of retro-eighties chic and bright colors. I've always loved Tatianna's taste in patterns and colors, 'vibrant' I think is the word I'm looking for.

Anyway, today we're looking at Fab.Pony's Zebra, Elika and Wild Child bikinis. It's always the little touches that I think make a look come together, and Tatianna has added some fun primmy accents like tassels and rings. Another nice thing is to find a bikini in SL that isn't a g-string. Elika comes with a still sexy boy short for the bottom, and it's a nice reminder that coverage can be fun and sexy too (hint hint).

Fun, and just in time for those little SL retreats we all sometimes need.

Fab.Pony Mainstore

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