Wednesday, October 28, 2009

[Gauze] Ageha and Nephra

Oh, geez it's so good to be back, and just in time for Halloween too!

That was really bothering me when I was sick, ugh. Seriously, how could I miss one of my favorite holidays, especially in my favorite of favorite virtual worlds.

Of course, to talk about Gauze's latest releases, I first need to share a bit about the Deader Than You Tour. It's sort of a hunt, kinda, but with a little twist. With contributors like Sn@tch and Nomine, as well as designers like DV8, Silent Sparrow, Otaku, of COURSE Gauze, and many more.... Basically, you follow the tour, purchase something that catches your eye, collect the bats and trade them in for new coolness from some of the more awesome gothic and dark designers in SL.

Anyway, so Yukio Ida of Gauze is of course there, and his contribution to the hunt is this lovely Ageha skin. Ageha means "swallowtail butterfly" in Japanese, and this really haunting skin features some interesting detail work in the makeup that evokes this very eastern image. There's two options for this skin, one with lip makeup and one without basically, but the most important thing is that IT'S ONLY AVAILABLE DURING THE TOUR. Now, Yukio Ida has been doing some really beautiful stuff with his latest skin releases, so if you're interested in collection some gorgeous pieces from Yuki's fantastic portfolio, I'd definitely explore the tour.
Oh, and then there's Nephra!

Gauze has a small but slowly growing hair section that you simply must check out, but his latest, Nephra, is available for FREE right now (jus' til November 1st tho')in Yuki's in a special Halloween color pack... Um, I'm not going to give away any exact locations, but there's definitely blood involved.

Nephra is a maddening, messy, flexi pigtail look that absolutely completed today's look. Yuki really does lovely work on his hair, from the texturing to it's natural movement, and not to mention the really fantastic styles he's managed to create.

Anyway, this being the time of treats, you should definitely treat yourself to these goodies from Gauze.



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