Monday, March 29, 2010

Discord Designs~Net Head


So last week my internetz were totally messed up. I couldn't do ANYTHING... well, actually, it was worse than just not being able to log on. Ohhh yah... see, I could actually get online for a little bit. Email, music, youtube, Second Life; yah I could open the pages and do whatever and then with no warning at all POOF! the whole thing just stopped. Ugh.

See, if I just couldn't get online that would be one thing, but noooo, the internet fairies weren't happy with just leaving me stranded on some offline island. Nope, they had to tease me with the idea that everything was just FINE and then ZAP they'd sprinkle some of that techno fairy dust and bzzzt! pop! zappo! (sound effects are my own). Grrr...

Everything got fixed, of course, I know there's probably some techy description of the problem but honestly, I like the idea of techno sprites better... and this is what I'd imagine they'd look like.

Oh, can you say 'perfect timing?' Look what Kallisti Burns of Discord Designs left for me this morning! Very very cool... and of course some techno dreads are exactly what those little magical creatures living in my machine are wearing! Seriously tho, these are really fun and creative offerings from one of my favorite prim sorceresses in SL.


Discord Designs has a LOT of hair styles to choose from by the way, and is one of the few hair designers to have a huge selection of dreads and braided styles BEFORE this whole Avatar thing started. Definitely worth your time to explore her shop!


Hair. Discord Designs Nethead

Glasses. Grim Bros. Geeked Out Scientist Glasses

Wings. Bitter Thorns Black Cyberwings

Boots. AVZ Wrapped Boots


Pic 1 Vive9 Carrot [apricot] Whispering
Pic 2 Vive9 Po [pale] Ash

Pic 3 Minajunk Cyber04

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