Monday, March 15, 2010

+DV8+ Deathrock Iron Trifecta


Shhhh.... I'm hiding from the holidays...

Well, not in RL... but here on the blog yus.

See, what happens is THIS: some holiday comes around like, well... let's say Valentine's Day and I'm just doing whatever and maybe I feel like I want to do a blog post. Happens... but then I remember VALENTINE'S DAY is coming up or even ST. PATRICK'S DAY and I stop myself and think.." should I do a THEMED POST?" hmmm... then I just sort of go back and forth.

ooo don't get me wrong... I mean, I've DONE them... there's the odd Merry XMas or Halloween post that goes up. I have nothing AGAINST them at all actually, it has to do more with the whole wanting to write something but having no real idea what to write and at the same time NOT wanting to be FORCED to write about something just because there's some holiday coming up. Basically, I'd rather stare stupidly at a blank computer screen than be given an assignment...

So what's REALLY cool is when I find myself WANTING to write something and get the chance to talk to Vasha Martinek, co-owner of DV8 Designs. Have you seen her new Deathrock Collars? Very cute. Awesome, actually, very simple yet gorgeous primwork, but with many options as far as textures, glow settings, and colors (in the Velvet texture only). There's a few styles too: Iron Trifecta (shown), Cuffed, and Candy.

Not to mention the total fangirl moment I even chatting with Vasha in the first place. Have you seen DV8? Please say yes... even if you just say it to get me off your back and then secretly you're actually planning on stopping by DV8 first chance you get. Bad, yes, because you're LYING to me (what did I ever do to you?) but GOOD because maybe you'll just totally fall in love with the pure goth clockwork craziness that IS DV8. Seriously, the store is full of glowy, punky, dark gorgeous hairs and accessories hanging temptingly from the walls.

So, whew! So happy to share... and I didn't even have to mention the 500 lbs Leprachaun in the room.

Shhhh..... (happy St. Patrick's Day!! be safe!)

DV8 Mainstore

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