Friday, March 5, 2010

[Gauze] Bad Romance...


So I think this was supposed to be a post-Valentine's Day umm... post.

I have to start by saying this isn't really a Lady Gaga post at all... might have tricked ya with the 'Bad Romance' title.

Nope, this is a post about t-shirts. Not just ANY t-shirts actually, I mean, these are Gauze t-shirts. Do you wear them? Love them? If no, please exit the call. This isn't for you fashionista glitterati divas. Nope, just a t-shirt post. Casual, comfy... oh, and you know how I mentioned Gauze? Wellll, that means they're from designer Yukio Ida. YES one of my faves and YES a designer and artist with an eye for those little details we all love so much in our Second Life looks. It's the creases, the little folds in the cotton... it's the comfy fit and the long cut (what, no midriff? Awesome).

Just because it's simple doesn't mean it can't be well made, and I think Yuki proves that point here. Oh wow, a post with a point!

Seriously tho', these are really nice... and pretty appropriate for those days when you don't necessarily need to get all crazy dressed up like... Lady Gaga I guess.

I've got three, there may be more soon I hope. Definitely looking forward to seeing more anyway. I'll have to stop using visual kei references about Yuki's work tho I guess. Punky? Oooo, I like where this is going.


T-Shirts (Bad Romance and You Make Me Crazy)
Caged Necklace

Vive 9 Marianne ( Toast Light Freks)

Nikita Fride Designs Lust Hair (Cream Strawberry)

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