Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Counting Down to Halloween!

Halloween is coming, and this year we get a whole weekend to celebrate it so if you haven't started looking for something in the way of a costume then "shame on you!" I know I'VE started looking.

Of course, if you follow Purely Visual at all, you might be thinking "it's ALWAYS Halloween on this blog!" Ya, kinda. So maybe for October I'll add a little orange to my pictures. Too late for today's tho.

I've been playing with some different looks for Halloween Weekend 2010, and I happened to find this totally AWESOME lace babydoll from SOUP the other day. Mixed with the Dark Jester skin from Nightshade Designs (totally still, STILL one of my favorite skins EVAH!) and the Surreal hair in Angelhair from Bishwear this is a lovely gothic ensemble.

From everything like the lace details in the top to the prim resizable garters... There's a cute prim bow up the front too and what can I say but this is my new favorite piece of lingerie in my inventory.



Nightshade Designs

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