Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DV8 CyberJammer Grrrrl!


oooo check out this badass schmexy new look from DV8. CYBERJAMMER!

It's pretty cool methinks. Roller Derby Girl of the future! Well of COURSE I'm a fan! Even had the chance to party with one or two of some of our own Windy City Rollers ("Skate and let die, but leave a really HOT corpse.")Awesome awesome....

Anyway, enough of that. DV8 designatrix Vasha Martinek just dropped this really hawt look and I'm in love (again). The latexy texture really works, and the colors range from glowy outrageous to more subdued, muted shades. The little skull bellyring and matching belt are pretty cool. There's the really fun shoulder, elbow and kneepads for to protect your sexxy, bruised badass self and then of course there are the skates!

Ohhh yesss, you can get skates for this too! comeplete with skating animation to scoot around the track! All that's missing is a helmet but this is really a cool look from DV8.

On ANOTHER note, how cool is this?! Purely Visual got some press! Totally flattered that Essence of Style included me in their October issues. Even better to be listed with Achariya, Strange Pixels and In Cold Bloods (all of whom are in my faves!).

So, yay! xoxoxo


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