Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Pinkie Skull and Roots.... OH! and I'm back!


Oh it's good to be back blogging again.

Had a little break from Second Life lately... technical difficulties.

I won't dwell. It wasn't THAT bad really. Breaks are good. Actually, I rather prefer the 'true death' of my computer to the horrible, laggy, messy stress fest of watching it slowwwwwwwlllllllyyyyyy slipping away.

It died. A new (used) computer takes it's place. The whole circle of life thing.

ANYWAY... one thing that REALLY bothered me was not being able to get inworld to take photos. Ugh... so much cool newness in SL lately and I wasn't even able to get it to rez. Well, that was before. This is now.

And THIS is some new sexiness from My Pinkie Skull designer Tatyana Ultsch and Roots designer Ruth Quan.

Let's start with !MPS!, yes?

I stumbled on this shop a few months back actually. I think I was looking for some clubwear. I can't remember. Anyway, let's just say I found what I was looking for and then proceeded to snap up just about everything I could. Today we're looking at the 'Not Your Hun' leather mini. Very schmexxy... lovely textures. I really like this skirt; the prim panel and little bows are super easy to adjust and the cut is... ummm... well, very flattering. Tatyana does some really lovely things with her textures, from the super real leather on 'Not Your Hun' to the almost touchable fabric on her 'See Me' tops. It's easy to go nuts on the !MPS! shelves too coz the prices are SOOOO reasonable. Seriously, you can wander the store and just right click and buy at random and you'll find something gorgeously textured and beautifully done without depleting your precious precious $L. Not Your Hun comes in multiple colors (I got one in black and one in pink) and See Me has some choices as far as graphics and neckline options (now I wish I'd taken more pictures... hmm... I'll have to work some of the others into upcoming posts).

Love that skirt with Ruth Quan's '00C10031 Corset', another really nice piece I've collected recently. Ok, admittedly I'm not in love with the name, but whatever, it's totally hot.

Soooo, maybe not something for that 'casual' look you're putting together... but DEFINITELY very sexy and isn't Sweetest Day coming up?

(insert greeting card diatribe here)

Whatever, the point is there's SOMEONE out there who would LOVE to see you in this top. I've visited Roots a few times now and there's always something new and interesting to see. Ruth's textures are definitely unique and her cuts are cute and sexy. I think there's a few things for the boys there too actually.

So, whether it's Sweetest Day or Halloween or whatever your clubbing plan might be for October, you should definitely make time for !My Pinkie Skull! and Roots to put that perfect look together.



!My Pinkie Skull!

See Me Long Shirt 1 Blacks (face print)

Not Your Hun mini skirt Black


00C10031 Corset

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