Thursday, February 5, 2009

Digital Alchemy~Nepthys

digital alchemy

Oooo I love Rezzable. It's pretty much a household name in Second Life. Events, builds, vendors... Rezzable does it all. So when I got an invite to their Digital Alchemy: Ancient Egypt Designs blogger and press fashion show I knew it would be something special. Featuring designers like Sysy's, Sn@tch, Exxess, Stringer Mausoleum and others showing designs 'inspired' by ancient Egypt...well.. just 'yay!'.

The show started at about 2:00PM SLT yesterday, and after just a few hiccups trying to TP in (TP's were weird ALL OVER Second Life yesterday) I managed to finally arrive. No seats left, of course, but that's ok. I can stand for a little while. Lot's of fun, really... models descending out of a golden sun and all that. Very dramatic.

Now, I don't know THAT much about Egypt. Sure, there are the pyramids and there was Cleopatra and all that. Most of the history I know about it is sort of half remembered from college and then what I picked up from the HBO series Rome and then there were those Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser. So, yah, as far as actual accurate knowledge, well, it probably isn't there (although Rome was supposed to be pretty much on target). Anyway, it's not like there was a pop quiz or anything after the show, so I was pretty ok on that point. What I DID manage to pick up from my experience was the exotic costumes and fashions of the era... sooo, maybe glamorized a bit in Hollywood, but of course it's what I expected in the show.

NOT disappointed. My personal faves were Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch's Bastet, which opened the show and Mereret from Ghanima Uriza of Blue Blood. Ugh, I just didn't have the budget to grab everything I loved there, so I ended up leaving with Nepthys from Layja Vidor and Exxess Designs.

Gorgeous... Nepthys is some of the best prim work I've seen, with beautiful gold and red textures and a shimmering glow to the whole look. I also left with a skin, called Akhet from Wasabi Pills, which is a skin designer I haven't paid too much attention to in the past but I'll definitely be stopping by her shop for more. The skin pack came in Sahara and Sand tones (get it!?) and are lovely. I put on Tukinowaguma Hair Styles Divine style to complete the look; which of course was supposed to get it's own post later this week but when I saw the outfit I knew it was perfect.

Oh what an awesome afternoon! Anyway, There are about 26 designers in all involved in this event, and soooo many interesting interpretations to choose from, you need to get down there.
Digital Alchemy has another show open to the public tomorrow (February 6) starting at 2:00PM SLT. Get there early if you want to get a seat... TP directly here.


Outfit: Exxess Designs Nypthys

Skin: Wasabi Pills Akhet

Hair: Tukinowaguma Hair Styles Divine

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