Tuesday, February 17, 2009

!ElfPyre Pro!D!u!X!ions!~ PUnked


Daarc Dagger from ElfPyre designs is weird, and I LOVE it!

There's a LOT of weird in SL. Lots. Funky avatars. Strange sims. Odd dialogue. It's all there, weirdness. There's a range of weird, of course: Good weird and bad weird.

Bad weird, well... it's just annoying sometimes. Bad weird is the stuff that makes Second Life scramble to do some PR fixing and image maintenance. Bad weird is the stuff that makes us shake our heads and sigh while we try to explain this obviously demented virtual universe to our skeptical RL friends. Bad weird, well, sucks.

Now good weird, well, THAT'S a lot more fun. Good weird is the sims and events that make us laugh and share LMs. Good weird is the stuff that makes Second Life a more interesting a beautiful place.

So yah, Daarc's got her finger on good weird. She'd never admit it, of course, but Daarc's designs are a little bit of that weird art that I think adds to the unique world that we all love.

Example? Well, here's ElfPyre Productions' True Love skin and Punked prim ears. A really interesting and weird skin... NOT for the type-A modelesque clones running around Second Life STILL. True Love is bright, colorful and definitely weird. The Punked ears are scripted, so you can change the tone and even the piercing sets to match your mood. It's a look that's easy to have fun with, and a very interesting offering from a designer who definitely deserves your attention.

So yah, be weird. Be good weird, anyway. Hollywood beautiful's been done. Beauty in SL is pretty much cliche at this point anyway, isn't it? Try something colorful and adventurous... try something ugly/beautiful, weird/beautiful.


!ElfPyre Pro!D!u!X!ions!

Punked Ears

True Love Skin (Super Pale)

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