Monday, February 16, 2009

Goth1c0~Agent Provocateur


My inventory in Second Life is a mess. It's horrible. I try so hard to keep it organized, spend an hour or so trying to put together folders sorted by outfit or designer or even layer. There are 'top' folders and 'skirt' folders and 'jeans'. There's folders sorted by hair or skins or accessories. The problem is, I've tried so many times in so many ways to sort through everything, it's still a total disaster.

In the end, it's hard keeping everything straight, but I keep trying anyway. I keep trying because every once in a while I'll find an outfit or a landmark to a shop I haven't stopped by in a while and I'll find something and go "WIN!! Looky here!!". It happens a lot. It happened last week when I remembered Goth1c0 and popped over to take a look.

Goth1c0 designer Keishii Roo has been doing goth for quite a while in Second Life, and I'm happy to say she's a gracious and creative designer. One of her latest releases, Agent Provocateur, is a fun, sexy punk ensemble that goes beyond just funky patterns and cuts. It's punk, yes, but it's punk with a classy edge to it. I really love the textures; the jacket comes with little touches like safety pins and skulls or it can be worn without to show a sexy midriff baring turtleneck top with some really nice detailing in the fabric. The skirt has a nicely drawn belt feature and could really be worn with anything, if you're not feeling so rock and roll. Seriously, I put this on and started looking for a new band to sign.

Sexy without being slutty, daring without being over bare... agent provocateur is a really interesting and unique look from a designer with a huge range of goth and punk styles. I'm a fan, and can't wait to show you more from Keishii's line...

Stay tuned!


Outfit: Goth1c0 Agent Provocateur

Hair: 0 Style Ayase (Raven)

Skin: Nightshade Designs Angelina (bloodred kiss)

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