Monday, February 2, 2009

-Discord Designs- Sasy


You can spend a lot of time in Second Life searching for that just right 'look'. I know I did. It's hard finding the 'you' that you want to be in SL. Not because there are sooo many options either. A lot of times, actually, it's just because there's so much of the same thing.

Definitely, there are different skill levels. No doubt about that. There are some really talented designers in SL. A lot actually. The thing is, there are actually very few artists.

You could put together a list of 10 hair designers in SL, pop in and out of each of their shops and find a pretty much identical selection. Now, YES you might find different levels of quality, but the same styles pretty much hang on everyone's walls. It's not always their fault, I guess... the designer's I mean. A lot of what's for sale is what there's a demand for. Can't fight that. Is it for you though? Is it for me?

It wasn't, and still isn't. If it's for you well, then it's for you. I know from experience though, it's not for everybody... and there are a lot of you desperately TPing around Second Life looking for that one thing, that look that just doesn't seem to be anywhere.

Alternative, well made and definitely sexy, Kallisti Burns' Discord Designs has a huge range of weirdly beautiful and exotic hairs. 'Sasy' is one of her latest releases, and once again her braid work is absolutely lovely. Available in Monochromes, Reds, Blondes, Blue Greens and more, Kallisti's hairs are something I guarantee you won't see much of elsewhere in Second Life. The prim braids are very realistic, the color options are huge, and the menu driven hair sizing menu is a lot of fun.

Discord Designs Sasy
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Faery Sola said...

Nice post Minx. Gotta say, Kallisti's braids are really THAT good, If you don't have any yet... go! get some, you'll love them :D (N.B. You may end up spending a lot of time zoomed in on them though and not doing too much else, they're very cleverly done)