Friday, February 6, 2009

Moonshine Designs~Placid


So let's say you go on vacation... someplace nice. Maybe someplace with really interesting architecture or art. You've brought your camera, of course, because 'hey!' it's a vacation right? You want to remember it. So, you land and check into the hotel and then get all set to go out and tour the city. Not that you HAVE to go to the city, but it's my story, so deal with it.

You're walking around and WOW look at that sculture. It's soooo cool! I have to take a picture of it!! So you snap the shot and it's yours. Now, here's the thing... you didn't design the sculpture and you certainly didn't build it... but you've got the picture. You've got the picture like 1000 other people did when they walked around the corner and said 'WOW'. Yours is still different though. You're a different height. You took the picture from a different angle. Maybe it was a different time of day or it was cloudy. Maybe you like to take black and white pictures. There are a million different reasons your sculpture is different from everyone else's. Some of it is just time and light, some of it is personal preference. Some of it is that whatever that says 'I need to see this this way'.

Either way, it's pretty much the same thing no matter what you do. Everything is yours in the end, right? At least, it's your version. So let's talk about style.

Designers design. They build, they make things. They made that 'wow' sculpture, they make those 'wow' clothes. Something inspires you to take that particular picture, and something inspires you to wear something that certain way. Fashion in SL is even more like that than in the real world even, because in Second Life you're always in third person. You actually are the sculpture. I don't know, I could have taken Moonshine Design's Placid dress and put on some nice heels and gotten ready for that Spring Formal... but it inspired me differently I guess. It's beautiful, gorgeous... the details on the fabric are sooo meticulous, and the lace netting layers in the skirt add a lovely touch of color. There's a rose colored satin trim along the top and connecting to the collar are lovely spaghetti straps of the same material. Designing outfits that are sexy, fun and always well made, Shelly Toonie is nothing if not consistently inspirational.

I think quality inspires the most. We don't take pictures of mediocre art, after all. So here, the art is ther already... Shelly Toonie's made it. It's not finished though. It's not finished until you do something to make it your own.


Moonshine Designs Placid (Rose)

Truth Naomi (Night/Bubblegum)

Nightshade Designs Emilie Autumn Skin

+*susie*+ Goth/Punk [ODEKO] Boots

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Shelly@Moonshine said...

Love it!! Funny when I made it I wondered what you'd do with it cause I was 100% sure you'd not end up in prom heels.
Thank you for not disappointing me!