Sunday, February 22, 2009

*Powers of Creation*~Sexy Science


Naming stuff is hard.

No matter how inspired or creative a designer seems to be, sometimes the hardest part of a new release is just coming up with a NAME.

There's a lot of places to find them, of course... some designers have releases named after a friend or partner. Sometimes their named after a favorite song, or even maybe the name comes from whatever inspired the outfit to begin with. Sometimes... well, sometimes it's just totally random.

Poor Kai Heideman... He ran out of names.

Oh, ideas? He's got a TON. Some of the best latex and fetish clothing in Second Life? AB-SO-LUTELY. Names? Wellll, I guess that's a bit of struggle. He even blogged about it here, if you don't want to take my word for it. Honestly, there are worse problems he could have. The lovely textures and designs at his shop,Powers of Creation, make it pretty easy to forgive him.

Today we're looking at 3 outfits: Watch My Back, Dirac and Fermi. As far as names, well, Watch My Back makes sense. WMB is a full-length full-body latex 'hobble' style with a dangerously sexy open back laced from hem to neck. The gorgeous shiny latex texture is just perfect, and Kai manages to put the system skirt to good use.

Soo, then there's Fermi and Dirac. Ummm... what? Yah... physicists. Now, Fermi I'd heard of, there's a whole government lab out by me that's named after him. Dirac? I don't know, maybe I'd heard the name before. Who knows? Anyway, they're both pretty important names in the whole science world; this, I'm pretty sure, is the first time they've been associated with fetish wear. (of course, I COULD be wrong. Is there such a thing as a physics fetish? 'oooh, make my molecules GLOW!' or 'YES YES, I'm MELTING DOWN'). Either way, while MAYBE Kai was grasping at straws as far as coming up with names, it really doesn't matter. Dirac and Fermi are some lovely releases with a lot of options. There are a lot of different ways to wear both, with bodysuit and catsuit cuts and just some different color combinations. Each outfit comes boxed really with so many different looks it's almost 2 or 3 different ensembles in one.

Love it... it's not about the name anyway. It's about quality, cut and design, and whatever Kai wants to call it, it's sexy.

*Powers of Creation*

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