Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gala Phoenix~Newness


It's nice to share.

Look it up, seriously. It's nice to share. Share with your sister! your mom used to shout, be nice! Wikipedia even has an entry on it. Yah, it's THAT important.

Second Life is kind of an experiment in sharing. I mean, sure, there's the whole economy thing. Of course there's buying and selling... not exactly sharing there... but every once in a while a designer or artist decides they want to share something with the rest of us. When we're lucky, they're sharing something beautiful.

Now Gala Phoenix, well, her mother taught her well. Last week Gala decided to share some of her new skins with group members. Some? Okay, a TON of skins. And of course they're gorgeous. The timing was perfect for me too, since I'd just recently started playing in my Curio folder and wearing some of Gala's older skins. Still lovely, still cute, still fun. Beauty seems to be the standard for Gala's skins, and her attention to detail and just lovely makeups are just soo much fun.

Freckles? Yah like em? She's got em. And not just a few scattered about the nose like a few skin designers. Nooo, Gala's 'Frex' options have a very natural full-body covering. Maybe not liking freckles too much? Well, whatever, but you'll be happy to see really nicely drawn and shaded textures along the skin... naughty bits and all. The new skins come in tones like Acorn, Sundust, Moonbeam, Petal and a few others, with freckle and plain versions for each along with 7 or 8 makeup options.

Sharing is nice, definitely... but even if you missed the gift, Gala's skins are definitely worth your $L. With a huge range of makeups from clean and cute to sexy glam, Gala Phoenix has created a line of skins that I think add a lovely touch to our shared universe. It's a vision I'm glad she's let us take part in.

Gala Phoenix Skins @ Curio

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