Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tukinowaguma Hair Styles~New Stuffs


I look for a couple things when I'm shopping for hair. First, there's the whole originality thing... or at least variety. There are a lot of the 'same old same old' hair designers working in SL. Working hard, YES, absolutely. Hair is hard to make... but the creativity of the styles I think is something not enough hair designers are spending time on. I'm not even talking about crazy weird styles or anything. They don't have to be, but even flipping on the 'makeover' episodes of America's Next Top Model will show you a range of styles that some of even the best hair designers in SL just don't think of.

(Yes, fine... I watch ANTM. Ugh... it's horrible. They've been running this whole marathon thing on the weekends I guess building up to the new season starting soon. I have to say that YES more than one or two bottles of wine have been opened to watch the whole train wreck. I hate Tyra... I swear, but I CAN'T LOOK AWAY. Whatever, call it research. :p)

ANYWAY, we're talking about fashion here, right? Second Life is all about possibilities, and I love designers and hair makers who really push not just the whole technical part of content creation but also the design. That's the second thing I look at.

Third, well, quality. How does the light hit it? How does it move? Is it real?

Tukinowaguma Hair Styles has been consistently one of my 'go to' hair shops in SL, just because they feature a huge variety of well made, unique and beautiful hairs. Today I'm wearing Queque, Yard and Natty; 3 new styles from Tukinowaguma. Lovely textures, very exotic styling and Tukinowaguma's signature 133 color change feature that's as easy as clicking on style and opening the selection menu. Each hair comes in usually about 4 or five shades, so the color changes can change the effect depending on which base you're wearing.

I love these hairs, the textures and movement from the flexi bits is VERY realistic I think and the range of styles goes from sexy everyday styles to more dramatic haute couture perfect for any runway.

Tukinowaguma Hair Styles

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