Tuesday, March 31, 2009

~ChaosLotus~Power Bangles and Ducky Earrings


There's a lot of different ways to look at Second Life. It's a creative medium. It's a business platform. It's a game. It's pornography. It's an escape. It's dangerous. It's boring. It's enabling. It's empowering... fill in your own 'it's' if you like. There are probably a lot more I'd never even think of.

I like to write a lot about what I think Second Life is; all the little parts that make it my own little experience. The most important 'it's' though is really the simplest. It's fun.

Seriously, it is. If you're like me, you came into SL with really no idea of what to do next. Lot's of exploring in those early days. What kept you coming back though was just how much fun everything was. Even you designers and builders, yah you; even if you had your 20 point 5 year business plan put together before you ever even selected that first noob AV, you've got to admit this is a pretty fun place. It can be sometimes hard to see, sometimes there's a lot of drama and just boring downtime, but it's the fun that makes your time here worth it.

Maybe your fun comes from stringing prims together and making something new. Maybe your fun makes you dress up like a vampire and chomp on virgin blood. Maybe your fun involves poseballs. You might like shopping or dancing or whatever. The cool thing is, all of that can be true for you and there's still some new adventure to have here. SLifers are tourists and townies all rolled into one. We live here, sometimes work here, but there's always something somewhere you haven't seen or done yet.

Oooo, here's something new and fun! Agnes Periapse of Chaos Lotus gives us her Power Bangles and Ducky Ear rings. I mean, cute is fun, right? Put a pair of Agnes' rubber duckyish earrings on. Cute, yes, with an added scripted customization feature to accessorize with anything else you want to wear. The Power bangles are so cute and random with bright colors and interesting patterns. These are really well made, and fit really well right out of the box. Another WIN too is I didn't see even a speck of bling at Chaos Lotus; so not only is there a pretty wide range of accessories to choose from, it's perfect for all you purists out there.

So go! Have fun! It's why we're all here.

~ChaosLotus~ Ducky Earrings and Power Bangles

Bleach Samson (Blonde)

Curio :GP: Classic (Carbon)

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