Tuesday, March 10, 2009

[Gauze] Stained


I just realized it's been almost an entire week since the season premiere of America's Next Top Model (Cycle 12) and I haven't used it once in a post! Not that it's an addiction I'm proud of. I mean, admitting to watching reality TV at all is enough of a stigma I'm sure I've lost all kinds of credibility already. Seriously. Look away, I'm ashamed... okay?

Of course, it IS an excuse to mix some margaritas every Wednesday night and pop some popcorn... maybe have a few friends over and spend an hour watching Tyra's celebration of herself over 12 or 13 model hopefuls in their caricaturish drama blowups. It's an homage to vanity, seriously. Sooo, why do I watch it?

Oh, I know, because every 'cycle' there's at least one or two girls that really stand out. It's all editing, I'm sure, but there's always your 'queen bitch's' presented for your booing and hissing pleasure (don't spill your margarita!) and then there's the cool girls. There's always at least one. It can change too (editing again!); you can start out just hating one girl and by the end of the season you finally get her. It goes both ways of course, someone you love week one can show her 'true' colors eventually and you end up screaming at the screen throwing pillows while lime sour, triple sec and tequila squirt out your nose. Oh, it's happened (I'm looking at YOU cycle 11 season finale).

ANYWAY, I've got an early favorite this season, which is rare. I usually wait a week or two to decide, but week 1 winner Allison is ohhh so interesting. It's been the thing the last few ANTM cycles to have at least one or two gimmick contestants. We've got our 'plus-size' models (which seriously, is totally ridiculous. Have you SEEN these girls? 'Plus-size' to ANTM is like an 8, gawd) and there's been an Asperger's model (Heather Kuzmich, my FAVE from cycle 9). We've seen homeless model's and legally blind models... whatever. ALLISON is different. ALLISON likes blood. Totally awesome. I mean, I like blood. We're not talking liking blood in a cutter way or anything, but wow... Allison's a girl with a dark side. And, she's totally gorgeous with her pixie shape and huge Christina Ricci-ish eyes... I'm probably going to take a stab (HA!) at making a shape of her...

Anyway, she's a girl after my own heart. It's an edge, and I LIKE edges. Yukio Ida understands; he's on the edge. Oh wait, I guess I should mention... Yuki's been putting his Illuminati store through a little bit of a rebranding lately. Soo, apparently while his unique and artful skins will still be Illuminati, his clothes are now going under the name Gauze. Still a work in progress, and the climax I guess will be the grand opening of his new mainstore once the Sn@tch City sim is complete; updates to follow, I'm sure.

So, new from Gauze is Stained: a very simple, sexy halter with matching gloves. Yuki's always done some of my favorite texture work in SL, and it's really amazing to see how much he's done with so little; the more than appropriate gauzey material looks so real, and the cut is daring and sexy. The colors are deep and beautiful, and there's a whole range to choose from; ivory, black, red (shown), purple and more.

It's gorgeous, it's dark, fun, sexy... it's all sorts of things. Love it.


Illuminati [Gauze] Stained Halter and Gloves
Sadistic Hacker Corvus (Deep Red)
[Curio] Lumine (Rosette)

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Green Dream said...

It's ok- my mom and I DVR it and watched it yesterday. XD My mother kept saying, "Oh my god, she [Allison] looks like one of your anime characters!"

And Alisson, does- that creepy, unworldly, large-eye gothic lolita with a Japanese flair.

Naturally. Which is mind-blowing.

I was hoping for a little more from the epileptic model, so I was sad to see her go. Her picture was adorable,but I can see how it wasn't up to snuff. I could also see Tyra and others being worried about more strobes in the future.

I do hope that the burn-survivor (yes, as you can tell, I'm bad with names) goes far. She has a good attitude, where she admitted in front of the judges her strengths, weaknesses and what she has to do now to improve. I think that's a lot of character.

Sadly, Sandra is pretty, but she's turning into a Jade. What really bugs me about these girls who see it just as a competition is that modeling involves a great deal of teamwork- you have to work with the photographer, your extras, the designer, your agent/agency, co-models, and (as we see with the go-sees) drivers and everyone you run into. Seeing "on top" as just cutting everyone out is simplistic thinking- in my view, "on top" is not only having model skills, but people and leadership skills.

I want do something Roman/Grecian or child-like now. Though, I was irritated with how short some of the girls' skirts were in that Innoncence photoshoot.

*Waves an ANTM fan flag* ^_^

~ Terry T