Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Discord Designs~Boo


She might seem shy in person, it's no lie
She's always nervous
But the verdict is she's worth it
She gets crap but don't deserve it
She look like Emily Strange
Always ravin' 'bout her favs
Wanna conquer her like Kang
When you kiss like Cassie Lang

~Nrrrd Grrrl by MC Chris

This is a Nerd's World.

Oh, don't deny it, you know you're one too. Surprise! We all are. Oh, yah, you're different right? You're cool? What.Ever.

Not everyone denies it, which is cool, coz it helps cut down all that dramatic weirdness that comes up whenever someone's acting like something they're not. It's just sooo much easier if you just relax and embrace your inner nerd. Maybe you're the kind of nerd in SL who just wants an avatar a little bit funnier, sexier and cooler than RL. Maybe you're the kind of nerd in SL who really really needs retractable fangs and a tail. Maybe, just maybe, you're the kind of nerd who wants to spend every waking hour compiling scripts and building replicas of Mos Eisley except this time all in pastels. Don't even get me started on you Plurkers and Tweeters. It's all true, Second Life is a nerd's paradise. I don't care if you're the queen of haute couture. Guess what... yah, I won't even say it.

For me personally, well, I always suspected I was a nerd. I mean, the books, the movies, a music collection that includes MP3's like Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits... it all had to mean something, right? Yah, so when I first started playing in Second Life was when the truth actually came out. I can't say it was really a moment of self-realization or anything. It was my room mate. It went something like "what are you doing?" and I said "playing Second Life"... a pause... and she says: "Nerd."

It's a long story, I won't bore you, but since then I've pretty much embraced the whole nerd thing. I do secretly suspect that the 'nerd' accusation might have been whispered behind my back for years... no proof of course, but whatever.

I had a whole set of pictures already done for today's post but ended up tossing them. I just couldn't get it right. I think I was going for a dark gothic type thing but it just didn't fit. Just so ya know, most of these posts get started after the photography is done; I get to play with different moods, get a feel for the look. For this, I had this whole set of photos done, and then that little voice in my head whispered "neeerrrrrd." So I had to start over. Kallisti Burns' Boo from Discord Designs is definitely nerd hipness. What it is ALSO is proof positive that Kallisti's been holding out on us. Yah, always one of my favorite prim designers in SL, Kallisti's taking a break from working and re-working her really nice braided styles to give us Boo.

My two fave things about Boo: 1. the metal prims holding up the tails, and 2. that little tussle of hair dangling along the neckline. It's a lovely RL touch to a a very cute punky style. Of course, the resizing menu is still there; find your perfect fit and set it. Lot's of colors to choose from too.

If you're in Discord Design's Subscrib-o-matic group you might have seen these demos come out this week. If you're NOT, well... just do it, I mean, what's taking you so long?

Either way, really nice work and cute styling from one of my favorite SL nerds.

Discord Designs Boo


Green Dream said...

On one hand I agree, that we are indeed all nerds (those of us using SL as an entertainment platform, rather than a business or educational thing). On the other hand, I would say that there are different types of nerds. I'm not just talking about each of us specializing in something or having different skills, but also in our personality. We have a fair amount of 'Revenge of the Nerd' types, where we're bright but silly and real. Some of us are smart, some of us are street-wise, and we're all trying to be positive.

Then, in light of recent affairs, we have the nerds that like to sit in their basements at 40 years old and trash sims or hack computers. They feel they're superior, and sometimes have a nice front but are just plan mean.

*gets off the soapbox*

Anyways, it's been awesome to see your posts come through the Nocturne feed. They've really grabbed my attention and poked me to add my own thoughts. :)

Minx Arashi said...

I think what I mean when I'm talking about 'nerds' is that all of us are imperfect and flawed, but still pretty special in our own way. Even in business or education, I think it's important to have a sense of humor and keep an honest view of yourself. YES, there are people here to make money, learn, whatever... but there's no reason it can't be fun too... and I think whatever 'nerdy' tendencies they have might have been what attracted them to this forum in the first place.

Everyone is strange to someone somewhere; it's a sense of fun, adventure and being able to laugh at yourself along with enjoying the things that make you weird that make life worth living.

I'm so happy you enjoy the blog. It's a lot of fun to write... thanks so much.