Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mina Junk~New Newishness


THIS is a special post. THIS is a post I was hoping I'd be able to do for a long time. So, well it's not like I had a specific post in mind, I guess... I mean, ok, so it's not the post exactly I've been waiting for, but the release. Except I didn't know what the release was going to be, so I can't really say that I've been waiting for that either.

Hmmm, where to start? Ok, we'll start with favorite designers.

We've all got them, you know I've got mine here. They're the designers you scan the feeds for, they're the designers whose shops you TP to whether or not you've got any $L at all just to see if there's something on the 'new release' wall. You obsess over them, you take forever trying to accessorize and mod to get that perfect fit. They're really a part of you, actually, since they're the designers you choose to let you express yourself in Second Life. You might have them under your 'picks' in your profile. You might have an entire folder dedicated to them in your inventory. They're that one person in Second Life you feel closest to who may not even be on your friends list.

There's a dark side too, of course. Your fave designer is probably the reason you're broke all the time. They may be a whole bunch of other people's favorites too and you have to fight lag and people standing on your head to get through their shop. Maybe their group chat is a constant barrage of spam and really annoying chit chat and fangirlesque non sequiters.

So, yah, faves can be an excercise in passive aggression. For me? How do I make myself crazy about my faves? It's impatience. For me with some designers it feels like Xmas Eve all the time. You know the feeling: an-ti-ci-pa-tion. It's a special kind of sado-masochism that infects my whole life. Where's the new stuff? How can you have a life of your own? Why aren't you making something for ME?

Yah, so, it's all me, I know. My own problem. I hate Xmas Eve. Now, Xmas morning is something different!

New stuff. New releases. New cool new releases dropped on my doorstep ready to try. For me, it's Xmas morning, courtesy of Mina Jun. Celebrating a new Mina Junk store opening in the Japan Sim, Mina's put together complete AV box sets, each with a unique look but all with Mina's specific cute point of view and colorful stylings. Well, five points of view to be exact, but all completely Mina.

Each box includes a skin, hair, shape, eyes and outfit built around a 'Japanese flower theme.' Full AVs yes, but these are NOT noob packs (well, maybe for the discerning noob, but who's ever met one of those?). I've always loved Mina's skins, but clothing is something new here. My absolute personal fave is the flapperish Tsubaki outfit, but there's also Sakura, Kiku, Ajisai and Sumire to choose from. Oh, did I mention the included female AO? There's also a scripted couples couch too. There's too much newness to show here!

A couple notes, there are a LOT of prim attachments on these, so you might need to spend some time modding if you decide not to use the included shapes. Other than that, well, the colors are gorgeous and the styles are all so much their own and very very cool.

These were definitely worth the wait, and I'd love to see more clothes and accessories from Mina, here's hoping it's soon.

Mina Junk Japan

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