Friday, March 27, 2009

Powers of Creation~Peggy Sue


I don't know very much about the 50's. I know a little, of course. There were a lot of fallout shelters, communists, Howdy Doody, Bettie Page, bad science fiction, black and white t.v., Mr. Bungle films, rock and roll, the missionary position, martini hours, beautiful cars, and duck and cover. Oh, those poor 1950's people.

Seriously, I think we have it a lot better. Of course, since I don't really know that much at all I'm making a totally uninformed judgement call, but, whatever. Look what we've got though! All this cool stuff, so many toys to play with. Ok, so instead of communists we've got terrorists, maybe our cars aren't as cool looking. On the other hand, Spongebob Squarepants beats Howdy Doody totally, and I'll take a Jager-bomb over a martini any day.

They never had latex in the 1950's either, but that didn't stop Kai Heidemann of Powers of Creation from bringing Peggy Sue to life. Yah, Peggy Sue, like the song from the guy. You know his name right? No? Well, it's Buddy Holly, and if this was the 1950's I would have had to dial my rotary phone to call my sorority sister to help with the name if I couldn't remember. NOW all I have to do is Google. Even better, I probably wouldn't have been able to even write this blog then either; I would have been too busy pickling fish for my hardworking yet distant husband so we could stock the bomb shelter from the impending atomic armageddon. Right, think about it.

Anyway, back to the dress. Peggy Sue is an interesting twist on SL latex fashion, a very 50's cut complete with a cute sunhat and scripted petticoat for colorchanges. Also, it's 'smart', so it moves with you and helps avoid that immersion breaking prim cutting through your leg. The hat is scripted too, with a colorchange menu built in. And, of course, Peggy Sue is just all about polkadots, which are just totally cute. It's really an interesting viewpoint on an otherwise standard SL staple. More than just for the fetishists, Peggy Sue is a really fun, sexy outfit and a creative departure from Kai.


Powers of Creation

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