Monday, March 23, 2009

Discord Designs~Shurelia


There's something really interesting happening in Second Life. I think we're all getting better at it.

I mean, it's all cyclical right? It's a different world than it was when I first rezzed, and of course it's different from when all those first SLifers first crept out of the ocean (and the Lindens saw that it was good...). Change is good, change is fun. Change is pretty much how the rest of the universe operates, so it's not like we should expect Second Life to be... well... static or something.

It's really disappointing sometimes to pop into some designer's shop you know from way back and see that not much has changed. Something has to change, doesn't it? At least, it should, especially if they actually care about what they're doing. I've seen designers scrap entire lines just because they figured something new out, because they suddenly realized wow! I can do THIS now!

Maybe it's not even that, maybe you don't need to just throw stuff out, but it's always fun to see something different from a designer. Sometimes it's just good to know that your fave designer is always thinking of the next thing. We are, right? We, the users, the consumers... we're always looking for the next cool thing, so isn't it nice to know someone else is?

If you know anything about Discord Designs, you know that recently there's been some pretty interesting new stuff coming from Kallisti Burns' shop. ForEVER I've been in love with Kallisti's braided styles, her prim work has always been amazing. Most recently though, there's been some really lovely longer flexi styles on the Discord shelves, and it's a direction Kallisti seems to have figured out pretty well.

Shurelia is one of Kallisti's latest; long... well, superlong really, with really nice texturing and very natural movement. There's the little Discord touches too that make this not just your average long style. Twin, metal tipped braids hang down from the back, breaking up the style and adding a fun edge.

Really well made, and definitely Discord... Shurelia is gorgeous and sexy, and an interesting new direction for Kallisti.

Discord Designs

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