Friday, March 6, 2009

Goth1c0~L'Oscurita Della Luce

L'Oscurita Della Luce

I believe in magic.

You kind of have to, don't you? Isn't Second Life pretty much exactly like the stories we heard when we were little? That fantasy world, that place where all sorts of mystical and magical people and creatures ran around doing their mystical and magical things. It's that magic place. The Labyrinth is real, you really CAN go over the rainbow, and of course Fantasia really wasn't a dream. Let the unbelievers stay Muggles, we've finally got our dream world.

I think everyone believes in it just a little, even the most techie scripter or serious business owner. Something happened, some story you read or movie you grew up with put a little seed in your head and here we are. Fashion is a really limiting word sometimes, because it seems to just define cut and color and style. Which it totally IS, of course... I mean, goth is goth and glam is glam. It's not like Second Life is just one fantasy world after all.

That song your listening to, the book your reading now, and how you choose to make your avatar are all a part of that same thing. I believe in magic because of books from Ursula K. Leguin and movies like The Neverending Story... and that's probably why I like Keishii Roo's L'Oscurita Della Luce from Goth1c0. I think it's the classic gothic style mixed with a very contemporary punk sensibility that brings this sexy, interesting and just so witchy look to life. Keishii Roo really nailed it, and why not? She's been a fixture in the goth/punk fashion scene in Second Life long enough to know how.

The dress comes with sexy stripey stickings and the prim cuffs and skirt have some lovely detailing that holds up pretty well under close scrutiny. Overall, it's a sexy look without being trampy, and perfect for your next coven get-together. Of course, it's probably not strictly just for witches... there's plenty of room for you vampires or emos in Second Life too.

Goth1c0 L'Oscurita Della Luce

+*susie*+ Goth/Punk [ODEKO] boots

Nightshade Designs Obsession (Ruby)

Tukinowaguma Hairstyles Anzu (Black)

+SPICA SHOP+ Long Volcanic Glass Necklace


Green Dream said...

A very beautiful and thought-provoking entry. I have a tendency to ramble, but I do believe that magic is more real than people realize. It's just not obvious because it has multiple wardrobes.

Keishii Roo said...

Oh what a lovely post, thanks for it...i was not breathing for a moment while i was reading it hehe i noticed after a bit. I agree with you, SL allows us to live in those magic places we dreamed when we were little or even as grown ups, is amazing the infinite posibilities it gives us.

Thanks again :)

Faery Sola said...

Great post Minx! A life without magic, without imagination, is a life half lived!