Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fukmi Designs~Skully Wears


Second Life, really, is kind of an experiment in potential.

We can all play, right? We can all be a part of it, there's no rules, no guidelines... it's not a game really in the traditional sense. It is a social experiment though, and not just in the way that we're all being social and experimental. There's just so many ways to approach it, it's amazing.

I had no idea what I was in for when I first rezzed. Alts? Oh I had plenty at the beginning. I think I made a new one every time I logged on for about a week. Totally clueless, always trying to find that perfect name or that perfect look. I didn't know anyone, and honestly I was really confused every time someone exploded into a particle field of flowers or hearts or just ran around screaming I WANT TEH SEXXXX! Very confusing. Very frustrating. I certainly wasn't going to spend any money here, what a horribly chaotic place. I seriously hated it. I mean, what WAS all this stuff, and why would I want to talk to any of you people?

Then, it was a Saturday I think, something clicked. Suddenly I understood teleporting and how to avoid giant prim penises. I got past all that frustration. I'd finally got past all the mindless roaming from place to place. The thing was, I'd finally got the plan. It wasn't this plan, I was still a long way from blogging, but it was a plan definitely. I don't remember what it was specifically, but I do know that I finally saw the point. I'd made a friend maybe, maybe I finally figured out how to fit that horrible freebie outfit. Either way, it was something solid, I saw the potential. I saw the options.

Wow... I think I spent about 20 hours online that day, my room mate was totally unimpressed. Probably a little pissed too, I totally hogged the computer. I finally crashed, sooo exhausted but I could barely sleep coz I was thinking of what I wanted to try next.

I think there are probably some residents who pop into Second Life that first time knowing exactly what they want to do. Maybe they came from another virtual world and have some experience. I don't know, I think that most of us though came in the same way. There's Second Life, and then there's it's potential.

When I consider fashion designers, I look at pretty much two basic things. It breaks down to what they are doing, obviously, but also why they are doing it. We'll take 'to make money' as a given, I mean, there's definitely that. After that though, what's left? Even if they don't come out and say it, I think for most designers theres a simple joy in seeing something they've made come to life. It's that little area between design and business where art lives. It doesn't have to be mind-blowing even, not everyone is out to change the world. It can be something simple and fun.

Fukmi Sideways is really interesting that way. Artist? No, not if you ask her; but I think she gets that little thrill all designers and artists get when something she only had in her head suddenly runs across the screen in front of her. It's all about potential, and I think Fukmi Designs is a really good example of someone coming into this little world, a programmer in RL, and put together outfits that I think are as good as many of the so-called artists in Second Life. Fukmi's got a real eye for fun colors and sexy cuts too, along with knowing that variety is an AWESOME business model. Her Skully Wears Plaid outfits come it a selection of tops along with short pants or skirt options; none of that one box one look stuff here. I'm really loving her textures and seriously these are just some eyecatching looks.

A LOT of fun, check it out.

Also, watch for Fukmi's shop appearing soon at Ivey Deschanel's Sn@tch City Sim... opening soon.

Fukmi Designs Mainstore

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