Monday, April 13, 2009

~*{The Black Canary}*~ Temps de Catedrali


Spring is here. Well, sort of.

If you're anywhere in the Midwest, it's still kinda gray and wet. We even had some April snow last week. The irony of course is all the springy type stuff in the stores now is all bright flowers and sunshiny happy. I like the idea of spring, kind of the waiting room for summer I guess. Summer's what we're all waiting for anyway, right?

Now, I love the sun. I love the long warm days and laying by the pool. I love wearing shorts and sandals and all that good daytime stuff. On the other hand,I also love the warm nights, that summer wind stirring through the leaves. Summer night time is for parties, and exploring the city. I love the night. There's a lot of beauty in those evenings, and the weather finally cooperates so we can all go out and play.

I'm pretty sure Morrigan Denimore of The Black Canary likes the night too... his deliciously dark sensibilities conjure up images of dark midnight romps through gothic castles. Temps de Catedrali seems like the perfect look for some dark Alice exploring her slightly gothic Wonderland. Lovingly crafted, truly, TDC has some really cool touches like the cathedral embroidered along the skirt and gorgeous lace work. A high, tight collar and matching bow with prim cross complete the look. There's a lot of gothic lolita styles in Second Life, absolutely, but Morrigan seems to always have something interesting to add.

So, while we wait for the trees to fill in and the cold cold rain to dry up, get ready for summer. Those warm nights will be perfect for all sorts of evil fun under the full moon.

~*{The Black Canary}*~

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