Tuesday, April 28, 2009

House of Nyla~Miss Burlesque Sets

House of Nyla

I wasn't sure where to start this post. I mean, usually it's a pretty straightforward process. There's an outfit, and it makes me think of something. Then I write it out and submit for your approval. Boom. That's it.

Oh, I can find a lot to say usually, I mean, good design should generate that. Beauty is rarely just a surface thing. A lot of designs are beautiful not just because they are, but because of the story behind the design, where it comes from. I like to look at things and find out about them, or dream up stories to go along with them.

House of Nyla has a great story. Nyla Cheeky's Second Life project is fairly unique, actually. With designs ranging from the truly avant garde to something like today's Miss Burlesque sets, House of Nyla has some of the most interesting and colorful costumes, masks, and lingerie in Second Life. There's a twist though! Nyla's first life persona sells them too! Really interesting, like I said.

So, you can visit Nyla's inworld from the landmark below, or, if you like, you can go here for a first life look at her selection on real world models. One of my favorite questions to ask designers and artists in SL is if they have the same sort of job otherwise. Usually, well, it's no. Oh, they might be a clothes maker in SL but a graphic artist or something RL, but I've only met one or two who is doing the exact same thing in both worlds.

Not that they need to, really, I mean, I've met so many people who have found talents they never knew they had in our virtual world. I've discovered a few things about myself even. Nyla Cheeky's SL experiment shows that talents can be shared between both worlds, and that's something to think about.

Nyla's Miss Burlesque sets are just the latest gorgeous example of her tastes for colorful and theatrical style. Perfect for a show! Fun, sexy and so well made, Miss Burlesque comes in 8 colors (Purple Haze and Miss Bee shown). Each set comes with three tophat variations, along with stockings, panties, bra, garters and corset. Nyla also has some matching crocodile skin heels if you're looking to accessorize more. Each piece is very well made, the textures are nicely detailed and brightly colored. Loving these, so different.

House of Nyla deserves a visit definitely, there's a huge range of fun and sexy designs to choose from.

House of Nyla

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