Monday, April 6, 2009

Moonshine Designs~Sheer Tops

Shelly Toonie is dangerous.

So, not really dangerous like you wouldn't trust your cat with her or anything. I don't think she's actually violent at all. I mean, I can't be sure really, but I usually have a good instinct on these things.

Nope, not dangerous like that exactly, but wow, look at her latest release. Moonshine Designs Sheer Top sets are a reworking of an older Moonshine Design release and again, wow. I'm not going to spend much time on the original Sheers, I mean, they were really nice, but what's the point.

Shelly's updated sheer tops are gorgeous. I still have one of the original tops in my inventory, and while the basic idea has stayed the same the execution is really breathtaking. Sheer includes the eponymous top, along with a matching cross halter style bra and... well, here's the really dangerous part, a short short prim skirt beautifully crafted. This is not an outfit for you if you're shy. Still, the lovely sheer top with it's really detailed embroidered designs is absolutey stunning and enough fun to wear to make you maybe get over your giggling, blushing self.

Love it!

Moonshine Designs

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Shelly@Moonshine said... are just MRAWR
Thanks for makin them look so good!