Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nightshade Designs Blacklist~Drusilla


Moods are funny sometimes. Musical tastes, those midnight snacky cravings, a Friday night cocktail, well, they're all sort of moody decisions. I might want to listen to Her Space Holiday one day and Mindless Self Indulgence the next. Maybe I want a shot of something fruity tonight or maybe it's just perfect for wine. Whatever, it depends on my mood, right?

Same thing with finding what I want to wear today in Second Life. I've got LOTS of jeans, but there's also a ton of cute looks, interesting designs and fun hairstyles I could put together too. Lots of possibilities. Of course, all I'm doing is picking a look for myself.

Designers know all about mood too, most shops and sims are just dripping with it. You've got your Rodeo-Drivesque shopping strips and sci fi marketplaces, gothic castles with wares hanging from the walls and medieval storefronts filled with chainmail and weapons. Even more, most designers have their own definite feel as far as what's offered for sale. That doesn't mean it's all the same though, and that doesn't mean there aren't little moodswings now and then.

When a designer has a moodswing, well, something new pops up. Maybe it's a one-off, a fluke, a random interest that creates something just a little different and surprising. Sometimes though, it's almost a redefining moment. It doesn't have to be completely different, of course, but sometimes a designer approaches their usual looks with just a slightly different point of view.

Belladonna Mureaux's Blacklist line from Nightshade Designs is like that. Yes, it's still some of the very gothy sexy looks we've come to expect, but it's a more focused point of view. Focused enough to deserve it's own subtitle anyway. Drusilla is the latest from the Blacklist line, and this is my favorite so far. Belladonna has gone for latex this time and it works really well in this sexy, lowcut long gown. Latex is usually hit or miss in SL, it's a hard texture to get right in a world where there aren't really any reflections, sometimes latex can be disastrous. Drusilla is really nicely done though, and I hope we'll see more latex from Belladonna in the future. There are some really beautiful lines in this curve-hugging, evilly sexy dress, and the matching gloves are perfect for completing the look.

Soooo, light some candles, put on some suitably sexy mood music, and slip into something dark and lovely from Nightshade's Blacklist.

Nightshade Designs

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