Friday, April 17, 2009

:+:Studio Sidhe:+: Elven Anklets


So, it's been a weird week.

For me, anyway. Of course, there's only weirdness if you're looking for it, so maybe I'm making too much of things. Still, it feels like I just HAD to do today's post. The fates were guiding me toward it. Here's the breakdown:

1. I've had this urge all week to break out my wings in SL, but just can't find the time!

2. Faery Sola pops on early Wednesday morning to let me know about a new release. Elven Anklets, specifically. They're unisex, for all you fae girls and boys out there. More on that later.

3. Thursday morning I'm watching America's Next Top Model from the night before, which my room mate had to tape for me because I was working. Allison (my fave!!) aka Creepy-Chan mumbles from her bed after an early morning wake up that she looks like a 'woodland creature'. Hmmm... seeing the pattern?

Ok, maybe not. Maybe it's just my own personal weirdness. I mean, this subliminal urge to go fae? Faery's distinctly fae release? Creepy-chan's definite message meant FOR ME to think about woodland creatures? Hmmm? Whatever, there are forces in the universe bigger than all of us.

Either way you look at it, Studio Sidhe's latest are perfect for springtime. FINALLY the weather is changing and all we have to do is wait for all that green to come out. Faery's anklets are really meticulously detailed and colorful. There's a scripted sizing feature built in for customization, and while these were made specifically with SLinks prim footsies in mind, they work with just regular foots as well.

I've always been a huge fan of Studio Sidhe, with its huge range of really detailed and imaginative accessories, fae or no. Still, if you're feeling a little buzzy from the warm sun and maybe hear the rustle of some woodland feet, maybe it's time to explore your fae side. Faery's Elven Anklets are a great place to start.

Lovely lovely lovely.

:+:Studio Sidhe:+: Elven Anklets (unisex)

*Analise* Tattered Work Camisk (Green)

Tukinowaguma Hair Styles Funky (Platinum)

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Faery Sola said...

ooh! you look so cute in faery go! LOVE IT!!! There is always time for some fae in our lives ;)