Thursday, April 9, 2009


I use a lot of strange words sometimes when I'm blogging an outfit. I use words like feel and comfortable. I use words to describe parts of an outfit that can't possibly be experienced the same way we do their real life versions.

I mean, I know you can't really feel the fabric... I know there's no way to really feel snug or to enjoy a silky touch. I know the difference between what's real and what isn't, geez.

On the other hand, go to a tropical sim and everyone's in their swimsuits. Go to a winter wonderland and look at all the furs and heavy coats. So I can't be the ONLY one thinking this way, right? Maybe it has something to do with our brains. Well, DEFINITELY it has something to do with our brains, duh, but I guess there's a switch in their someplace, something that knows how cold or warm it is, even if it isn't. Whatever, there's probably a whole heap of literature on this somewhere.

Anyway, with all the different looks and styles in Second Life, sometimes it's nice just to dress comfortably. You know, just taking some time to wriggle out of your harnesses or bustles or that horribly uncomfortable evening gown you've been wearing all day and just throw on something normal. There's LOTS of interesting fashion in SL, definitely, but thank goodness for those designers who put together something normal. Of course, we still have our standards, no? It needs to be comfortable AND well made, nothing less. Oh, and cute. I mean, we're still going out and about, right? Leave the pajama bottoms and swishy pants for RL, let's wear something with interesting textures and fun designs... but still casual.

Ohhhh, look at THIS... so cute, so fun.. but still very comfortable... we have a cute halter from *Fukmi*. Love it. Casual, yes, and still very sexy. What? Sexy without a bared midriff? Yes, it can be done, and designer Fukmi Sideways has a lot of fun, sexxah, colorful designs. This is really simple, but still so nice and fun to wear. Looks comfortable, don't it? Tuli's new Worn Denim Mini works nicely with it, and just in time for Summer (ok, so it's still technically Spring, but, a girl can dream, can't she?). I'm loving the frayed seams and the little painted details. VERY awesome.

Something else too, I feel like I should mention. I hadn't been back to Detour for a loooong time. Oh, early on in my SLife, I stopped there, I think to check out a hair I'd seen blogged. Whatever, at the time, it didn't really do it for me. It happens sometimes... it's not even a quality thing necessarily. Styles, looks... you know what I mean. Anyway, I'd moved on. Just stopped back there last week after who KNOWS how long, and wow. As in, WOW, I mean it. New styles and WOW, really nice quality. I grabbed a few and now they've made it onto my little list of designers who can't put new stuff out fast enough. Once again, proved wrong, and happy to have it happen. Detour's new styles are very cool and sexy.

Anyway, call it casual cool. Call it summer sexy... whatever. I love it.

[]::Tuli::[] Worn Denim Mini
*Fukmi* Kiss of the Skully Halter (Blue)
[Curio] Juxt
[Detour] Placebo D. Sand Mix

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