Thursday, April 2, 2009

Discord Designs~Katja and Lydia


So, it was just a couple weeks ago I got to play with Boingo's Leather Sets, a really cool sexy ensemble with lovely texturing and a very post apoc feel. Loved them. A collaboration between Kallisti Burns of Discord Designs and Jeela Juran from Boingo, these were an awesome example of what can come from two minds looking for something new and creative.

Of course, at the time, there were rumors that Kallisti wasn't really done with the project. Oh, no... not her. No, Kallisti is one of those obsessive designers SL seems to create every once in a while. You probably know one or two yourself. They endlessly link prims or build or whatever it is designers do while the rest of us are living our carefree SLives. They're either under or over medicated or at the very least supporting some kind of caffeine addiction.

Anyway, so Kallisti kept on working. If you remember, the original Boingo set came with hoods with some hairs options, but at the time there weren't any full sets of the hairs. Well, the wait is over... at least partially over I guess. This week Kallisti started dropping full versions of the hair sets featured in her collaboration. Today we're looking at Katja and Lydia, which go with the Boingo Rogue and Valkyrie styles, respectively. Don't go thinking you need one for the other though, Katja and Lydia stand on their as hairstyles just fine. Lydia is a cute, short shaggyish cut if you're looking for a more messy, casual feel. Katja is pulled back tight from the forehead and moves to a long, beautifully crafted braid. These are both really nicely done, and of course come with Discord Design's signature scripted sizing menu.

So, WIN! And get over to Boingo to check out those leathers if you haven't already!

Discord Designs

Boingo Headquarters

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