Monday, April 20, 2009

~{The Black Canary}~Charisma

Okay, so I know it's not really like this, but I sometimes like to imagine SL designers sort of Leonardi Da Vinci style hunched over some huge canvas creating their designs by candlelight. Of course there's a big quill dipped in ink. Of course there's the soothing sounds of some minstrel playing some tune. Well, maybe not all designers; I mean, there's your create it and shuffle it off to the vendor types out there just copying copies of earlier works: sometimes their own, sometimes someone elses, but whatever.

I like to imagine designers working that way just because sometimes there's so much real art in what they're doing. Da Vinci was a scientist, engineer, biologist and all that stuff, but his drawings and designs were a little more interesting to look at than say... well, your laptop owner's manual for example.
I think what it comes down to really is love.

We're lucky to have designers who love their creations; I think the good ones love them more than we do. It's their love and our chance to celebrate it. It has to be love, especially when something appears that's so well crafted, so interesting to look at, and so fresh and original.

Morrigan Denimore of ~{The Black Canary}~ I think has a lot of love to share. There's a consistency in his work; but also an evolution. Evolution is another side effect of love; taking the best of what was and reworking it into something new. Morrigan's new release, Charisma, has all that. Not only is this a meticulously crafted look, I personally think it's the best I've seen from TBC so far.

From the gorgeous textures on the cute short jacket and prim sash to the really nicely done prim collar and flowers, not to mention the lovely translucent bloomers, Charisma has everything we've come to look for from Mr. Denimore.

So, maybe there's no candle burning computerside (who wants to clean all that wax off your mouse anyway?) but I still like to think there's a notebook someplace filled with scribbles and sketches not only for that whole technical angle, but also a sort of love letter or blueprint to art in SL. We still have that flickering halflight from the monitor, and there's still that mad designer working, creating and evolving most importantly. It IS art, it IS fashion, but this is something so fun and well made... well. Whatever.

Purely Visual is MY love letter to design in SL, and I'm happy to be able to share this with you.


~{The Black Canary}~ Charisma

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